Security Roles and Teams in CRM 2011 – An Inconvenient Half-Truth


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Over the course of the last two years or so reading everything I can about Dynamics CRM 2011, as well as teaching many classes of people how to get the most out of their CRM systems, one thing which comes up again and again is how to best structure Business Units, Users and Security Roles, and sometimes Teams as well to get the exact model you want to match your business requirements for who has access to which records and when.

Users inherit Security Roles from Teams – right?

One concept I have seen repeated many times is that “Users inherit security roles from all the Teams they are in”. And generally this seems to be a reasonable way to describe how it works, but occasionally odd behaviours seem to show up which make this appear to be less than 100% accurate.

I also had a gut feeling for…

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Fixed – CRM Mail Merge button missing in Word 2013.



The way we got it working was to download the following template


From the following location


And place it at the following location


Followed by restarting Word.

The helpful post

The pain of missing “Else If” condition in Business Rules in CRM 2013.


Let us take a simple example

There is a field say “Test Field” and 2 option set fields.

OptionSet1 è A1, A2, A3, A4

OptionSet2èB1, B2, B3, B4

Now the logic that we have to implement is

Show “Test Field” when

OptionSet1 = A1 and OptionSet2= B1


OptionSet1 = A2 and OptionSet2= B2


Field should be hidden

Logic in JavaScript

If (optionset1 == A1 && optionset2== B1)

Show field “Test Field”

Else if (optionset1 == A2 && optionset2== B2)

Show field “Test Field”


Hide field “Test Field”

Logic in Business Rule

To implement the same in business we need write 6 business rules.

  1. If OptionSet1 = A1 and OptionSet2= B1 è Show “Test Field”
  2. If OptionSet1 = A2 and OptionSet2= B2 è Show “Test Field”
  3. If OptionSet1 != A1, A2 è Hide “Test Field”
  4. If OptionSet1 2= B1, B2 è Hide “Test Field”
  5. If OptionSet1 = A1 and OptionSet2= B2 è Show “Test Field”
  6. If OptionSet1 = A2 and OptionSet2= B1 è Show “Test Field”

Well the good news is that we now have “Else If” condition in CRM 2015.


Read Option set Text/Value at one go CRM 2013


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Often we have requirement to read option set Text/Value quickly, I wrote a script to quickly read all option sets on a form

Go to Google chrome console(Press F12 in Chrome), select the option Console as per screen, Note that contentIframe0 is selected :


and run following script on your form :

var attributes =;

var optionSetAttributes = ”;
var optionSetValues = ”;
Xrm.Page.ui.controls.forEach(function (control, index) {
if (control.getControlType() == ‘optionset’) {
optionSetValues = ”;
var controlName = “#” + control.getName() + “_i”;
optionSetValues += control.getName() + ” option set values below: nn”;
(function () {
optionSetValues += ‘<div>’ + ‘Value: ‘ + $(this).attr(‘value’) + ‘,Title: ‘ + $(this).attr(‘title’) + ‘</div>’;
optionSetAttributes += ‘<div>’ + optionSetValues + ‘</div>’;

var htmlString = ‘<div style= “overflow:always”>’ + optionSetAttributes + ‘</div>’;

var w =“Surprise”, “#”);
var d =;

You will get following…

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