Using Xrm.Internal.openDialog as an alternate to showModalDialog in CRM


New version of Chrome doesn’t showModalDialog method.


As an alternate we can use Xrm.Internal.openDialog method

  • And in the HTML Web Resource page

We need to refer ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx

To return value to the parent window and close the current window

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CRM 2011 Web Resource Part 2: How to use “ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”


Originally posted on Siva's Dynamics CRM 2011 Blog:

When you work with HTML web resources, There might be situations where you need data about the CRM.

“ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx” gives the Context information out side of the CRM FORM.

when we do reference to the above file, what comes next is How to refer the above file., it takes some time to figure out.,

Way1: <script src=”ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”></script> << refer like this when you use a web resource with out having folder conventions>>

Way2: <script src=”../ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”></script> << refer like this when you use web resource with a folder like structure

For example:Web resource name is referred as “test_/new_HTMLResource.htm”>>

Way 3: <script src=”../../ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”></script> << refer like this if the web resource looks like this “ test_/testing1/new_HTMLResource.htm”

I hope this would help and save lot of time of yours when you start working with Web resources

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Step by Step – Configure CRM Plugin and Azure Service Bus in CRM 2015.


Run Microsoft Azure PowerShell

  • Add-AzureAccount

Sign in using your Azure Account.

  • Get-AzureSubscription

  • Select-Azuresubscription <name of the subscription you need>
  • New-Azuresbnamespace <name for the service bus> “North Europe” -CreateACSNamespace $true -NamespaceType Messaging

Open Azure Management Portal

Click on the Service Bus à Queues and Create a Queue using Quick Create



Now open Plugin Registration Tool.

Solution Namespace – Name Space we gave to our Service Bus.

Path – Name of the Queue.

Cick Save & Configure ACS

Management Key è Default Key



Click Save.

Now register a new Step. (Post Lead Create Asynchronous)


Create a new Lead record in CRM.

Check the System Job.

Hope it helps..

Unable to delete default Out of the box Reports from Dynamics CRM 2011


Originally posted on Brian Illand:

If you try to delete the out of the box reports from a Dynamics CRM 2011 system, you will find you will get the error :

“You cannot complete this action for this component because of the configuration of it’s managed properties”.

Now, a lot of people don’t like to have the Sales or Marketing reports there. Maybe you are just using CRM for straightforward case management, or maybe you’ve got all your own custom entities and the users are confused about what is in their sales pipeline report!

One way to get around this (as of CRM 2011 Rollup 12 – Feb 2013), is to flick the isManaged switch in the database for each report. This can be achieved by running the following SQL query against the organisation database :

Once you’ve done this, simply go to the UI and try to delete the reports again.


If you…

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