Removing SharePoint Ribbon (Top Navigation) from SharePoint 2013.



We recently had the requirement to show the SharePoint ribbon to only the Admin user.

The best possible way of implementing this using SharePoint Security Trimmed Control.

We need to wrap the div with id ms-designer-ribbon inside that control.

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Cannot retrieve the URL specified in the Content Link property. For more assistance, contact your site administrator error in SharePoint.


We were getting this error in one of our pages in SharePoint.

Just verify the Content Link it might not be pointing to correct url in the Content Editor Web Part.

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{Learning} All you might need to know on CRM 2013 App for Tablets


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I spent last week or so discovering things on CRM 2013 tablet application and to be honest, it is pretty good. There are limitations but it is a good start for Dynamics CRM in tab and mobile market with having an out of box app.

Here are the series of blogs which pretty much sum all I could find on CRM 2013 Tablet application configuration, what can be done what cannot be done etc. For installation it is available in Google store for Android tabs, Windows store for Windows tabs and Apple store for IPAD tabs.

· Want to know how to configure multi entity search for CRM 2013 App. Here you go: Click here

· Want to know how to reconfigure IPAD app and options: Reconfigure vs Sign out for CRM 2013 App. Here you go: Click here

· Want to know Security Privileges required to access CRM 2013…

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Business Hours in Service Level Agreements (SLA) in CRM 2013



Was looking into how the business hours works in SLA.

For this we a created new SLA record on CreatedOn field and which will update one of the fields on warning after one minute and some other field on failure after waiting for 5 minute.

And Applicable When -> when the Title field of Case contains “mm” text in it.


Following was the schedule

We created case record that satisfies the above condition at 3:28 P.M.

It updated one field on warning after one minute and then on 3:30 it went into wait condition and then resumed at 3:40 and showed failure at 3:43 as expected (i.e. total 5 minutes).

So it did consider the Break specified and on resuming ran for the remaining 3 minutes.

Hope it helps..