Business Process Error while trying to open records in CRM 2015


Hi we were getting the below error while trying to open any record in CRM 2015


Turned out that by mistake one wrong extra step had got registered on RetrieveMultiple

ActivityFeeds.Plugins: ActivityFeeds.Plugins.ActivityClose]

[c824b80a-d392-e511-8114-3863bb356f90: ActivityFeeds.Plugins.ActivityClose: RetrieveMultiple of any Entity]

Removing this step fixed the issue.

Hope it helps.

Fixed – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Authoring Extension Setup – Setup cannot continue because there is a pending restart required error in CRM 2015



Got the below error while trying to install the Report Authoring Extension for CRM 2015.

To fix the issue, open the log file, check for the registry path and delete it

Hope it helps !

“Duplicate Column Heading Exists” Error while using Templates for Data Import in CRM 2015



We were getting the Duplicate Column Heading Existing while trying to download template for data import for Opportunity Entity.

Through Customizations we changed the Display Name of the fields that were duplicate and it fixed the issue for us.


I had the same issue.  In Settings> Customizations, display the Entities that causes the error.  Sort the fields by display name and scroll through the list until you find two identical display names.  Rename one, save and publish your changes.  You should now be able to download the Import template.

Do check out this awesome article

Hope it helps ..

2 is not a valid state code on product with Id – Error while trying to create a new Product record in CRM 2015 Upgraded Environment



Recently we upgraded one of our CRM 2013 Online to CRM 2015 Online Update 1. The approach was installing the solution from our dev to new CRM 2015 environment.

After the update when trying to create a new product we were getting the following error message

“2 is not a valid state code on product with Id 0977da8e-3368-e511-80fc-3863bb359f30”

We raised the support ticket and the resolution was to add the following line of code to the customization.xml file. It seemed that few of the State Code and Status Code were gone missing for the product entity.

Adding them back resolved the issue.

Hope it helps..

No plugins have been selected from the list. Please select at least one and try again error while trying to register Custom Workflow Activity in CRM 2013 Online.



Was getting below error while trying to register Custom Workflow Activity in CRM 2013 Online.

The solution we found out was to use CRM 2015’s Plugin Registration Tool to register it.

Hope it helps.