Sample PowerShell script to create web application and a site collection in SharePoint 2013


Just sharing a sample script that we are using to create a web application and a site collection of type publishing in it.


# SharePoint cmdlets
Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell</pre>
# Set variables
$WebAppName = "MyAppPool"
$WebAppHostHeader = "servername"
$WebAppPort = "portnumber"
$url = "http://servername"
$WebAppAppPool = "MyAppPool"
# This User has to be a Sharepoint Manager Account
$WebAppAppPoolAccount = "domain\username"
$AuthenticationMethod = "NTLM"
$ap = New-SPAuthenticationProvider -UseWindowsIntegratedAuthentication -DisableKerberos

# Create a new Sharepoint WebApplication
New-SPWebApplication -Name $WebAppName -Port $WebAppPort -HostHeader $WebAppHostHeader -URL $url -ApplicationPool $WebAppAppPool -ApplicationPoolAccount (Get-SPManagedAccount $WebAppAppPoolAccount) -AuthenticationMethod $AuthenticationMethod -AuthenticationProvider $ap

# Set variables
$SiteCollectionName = "MySiteCollection"
$SiteCollectionURL = "http://servername:portnumber/"
$SiteCollectionTemplate = "BDR#0"
$SiteCollectionLanguage = 1033
$SiteCollectionOwner = "LSS\lssspadmin"

# Create a new Sharepoint Site Collection
New-SPSite -URL $SiteCollectionURL -OwnerAlias $SiteCollectionOwner -Language $SiteCollectionLanguage -Template $SiteCollectionTemplate -Name $SiteCollectionName

Hope it helps ..

Invalid CRMReference Target: The entity Customer doesn’t exist.



Was writing a custom workflow activity on incident entity and in which we wanted the Customer Lookup Value. And based on type of Customer i.e. either contact or account there was some logic to be executed.

So declared an input parameter or type Customer

However while registering the workflow I got the below error

The way to handle this is,

Get the guid of the record from the context and then retrieve the value of customer id attribute.

On retrieval check if the EntityReference is of type account or contact and then proceed accordingly


Hope it helps ..

Updated SOAPLogger for CRM 2013 to generate JavaScript



We have tool called SOAPLogger (..\SDK\SampleCode\CS\Client\SOAPLogger\) that generates Soap request and response based on the C# code.

I have updated the tool to generate JavaScript that neatly wraps the Soap Request.

The output.txt and JavaScript code generated by the tool

Download the tool (convert .doc to .zip format)


Hope it helps..

Use TryGetList to check if a list exist in SharePoint (SharePoint Object Model)



We were getting the following error that “list doesn’t exist in the site” because the user was not having read permission on that list.

The code we were using was

SPList myList= spWeb.Lists["mylist"];

A better approach would be

SPList myList = spWeb.Lists.TryGetList(“myList”);

If(myList != null )

// …

Bye ..