Duplicate Detection limitations – Dynamics 365

Some time back, had reblogged about Duplicate detection limitations.

The original post – https://crmfunda.wordpress.com/2018/09/26/d365-limitations-of-duplicate-detection-rules/, talks about the below limitations

Let us check each one of them with the enhanced experience that we now have in the platform

  • Duplicate Detection works seamless for Dynamics 365 for Phone app also as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Duplicate detection check kicks in when we qualify the lead

Here, qualifying the lead, pops up Duplicate Detection dialog box listing both the matching Account and Contact record.

We can either choose ignore and save to create a new record or click on continue to merge the record with the selected record(s).

  • On activating a matching inactive contact record,

Duplicate Detection is not triggered.

Duplicate detection can be setup to run on the following events – 


  • While trying to publish 6th Duplicate Detection rule for Account entity,

we get the below exception

System.Web.HttpUnhandledException: Exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown. —> Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: The selected record type already has the maximum number of published rules. Unpublish or delete existing rules for this record type, and then try again.

Thus maximum 5 duplicate detection rules can be published per entity.

More on Duplicate Detection

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Set Custom Message and disable background processes inside the Administration mode for Sandbox and Production Environment – Power Platform

Recently while trying to enable Administration mode for one our environments, we realized 2 new options.

  • Background Operations – for disabling any background operations.
  • Custom Message – define the custom message for the users.

For CRM On-Premise, we used to place a custom HTML page + URL
Rewrite during the maintenance window.

Nicely document here – https://debajmecrm.com/dynamics-crm-maintenance-page/

Login to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/ with System Administrator role, select the Environment, and click on Edit.

Enable the Administration mode, and set the custom message.

Click on Save to make the change, within a minute or so the process will complete.

And the non-system administrator and customizer users will see the below page with our custom message as shown below.

Get more details –


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Find the Subscription ID of your Microsoft products (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan)

Recently we were asked to provide the Subscription Id of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan our organization had purchased.

To find the same, follow the below steps

Login to Microsoft Office admin center with administrator account


Quick reference – Admin Center URL(s) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Power Platform)


Navigate to Billing >> Your products and select / click on the product.

Copy the id from the URL, which will be the subscription id.

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Fixed – ClientErrorAborted while creating flow in Power Automate

Recently while creating a flow in Power Automate we got the ClientErrorAborted error.


Users were having all the required licenses / roles.

And only a few users were getting the error, who were accessing the Power Platform from their VDI.

Eventually, after some analysis, we realized that it was because some of the required services were blocked.

We raised the Microsoft Support Ticket who suggested verifying and if required whitelist the below services.


Whitelisting them fixed the issue for us.

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Status Reason filter (Timeline control), Multiline field (Quick View Form) and Improved accessibility for BPF on mobile app – 2021 Release Wave 1

  • 2021 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 adds a new Status Reason filter for the Timeline control.

Activity status reason filter will show the status reasons of all the activities in the timeline. For the total 5 activities in the timeline, the filter shows the corresponding status reasons of all the activities divided among Free, Draft, Pending Send, Not Started status.

  • Another enhancement is in the way the multi-line text field is rendered within the Quick View Form. Now users do not have to click and scroll on the field to see the full content.

Below is the Quick View Form of Contact within the Account entity.

  • Business Process Flow experience has been updated for the mobile app, making it similar to the web application.

Earlier – 


Now – It includes the name and duration for the Business Process Flow within the Mobile App as shown below.


Check other blog posts on 2021 Release Wave 1 :

Blog posts on 2021 Release Wave 1 – Dynamics 365

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DSF Error: CRM Organization cannot be found while configuring Export to Data Lake service in Power Platform

Recently while trying to configure the Export to Data Lake service from the Power Apps maker portal, we got the below error.

DSF Error: CRM Organization <Instance ID> cannot be found.

More on configuring Export to Data Lake service –


The user through which we were configuring had all the appropriate rights.


  • The user had System Administrator Security Role in the CRM Organization/ Dataverse Environment.
  • The user also had the Owner Role on the Storage Account.

Eventually, we raised a Microsoft Support Ticket.

We had recently moved our sandbox CRM Environment from UAE Central to UAE North.

Migrate Dataverse environment to a different location within the same Datacentre region – Power Platform

However, as a part of the migration, few steps were still pointing to the old region, which was causing that error. The Microsoft Support / Operation Team quickly corrected it and we were able to configure the Export to Data Lake service without any further issues.

We didn’t face this issue in our Production environment, which was also moved to UAE North.

Hope it helps..