Azure: Execute SSIS Package using Azure Data Factory – Part 2

Ajit Patra

In the previous post, we created the required Azure resources. In the last step of the previous post, we created Azure SSIS IR which is basically responsible for creating SSISDB in the Azure SQL Server where we’ll deploy the SSIS package.

In this demo, we are going to execute a SSIS package which will load the data from source table ([SalesLT].[Customer]) to the destination table([dbo].[Customer]). So, let’s create the Customer table in destination database with the same schema as that of Customer table in source database using the below script.

Once done, let’s create one SSIS package using SSDT which will load the data from [sourcedev].[SalesLT].[Customer] to

After creating the package, let’s deploy the package from SSDT to the SSISDB database using Deployment Wizard. In Solution Explorer,Right Click on the Project and Click Deploy.

Fill the Azure SQL Server name, credential and click on Connect

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