Using Output Timezone property of CDS/CRM Source Component in SSIS

In Dynamics 365 CE, the data time field’s value will always be returned in UTC time when retrieved through the Organization Service.

Just go through this insightful article to learn more about CRM Date Time.

For e.g.

Within application à

Inside CRM

Now to get it in Local Time of the User we can use LocalTimeFromUTCTimeRequest class.

Now the good thing is if we are using CDS/CRM Source Component of KingswaySoft’s SSIS Integration Toolkit, it has the Output Timezone property.

It has following 3 values.

Here UTC (Default) will return the value in UTC and Adjust to the time zone of connection user or the impersonation user will return values based on the user’s time zone. This property makes it extremely intuitive and easy to work with DateTime field within Dynamics 365 CE.

Hope it helps..


Unable to Login to Dynamics CRMOrganizationWebProxyClient is nullOrganizationWebProxyClient is null error while using CrmServiceClient

Recently for a console application we got the below error while using CrmServiceClient.

The possible reason is we haven’t specified that security protocol TLS12 to be used in our console application and it is still targeting .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Add the following line of code to get it working if that is the case.

If we are using Visual Studio 2017, simply change the Target Version to .NET Framework 4.6 or higher. It internally defaults to Tls12, so we do not need to specify it explicitly.

Hope it helps..