{Advanced Customization}10 Tips to design CRM Views like a Pro

Nice tips !


Here are a set of 10 Tips to design CRM Views like a Pro:

  1. Try to limit the number of columns on the View and limit the number of scrolls that are required to be done on the View. Usually, end users do not like to scroll more than 2 times even on the Web client. Also, more the number of columns, slower the view will load as it has performance implications.
  2. In case views show All Records then out of box status field (Active/Inactive) makes sense to be put on the View. As an example, for “Active Accounts does not make sense to show status field since this is self-explanatory and applied at the filter level itself. The column space can be saved to add another relevant column.
  3. Place generic fields such as Created On/ Modified On, Created By/Modified by towards the end of your View column definition. This…

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