Insert knowledge article in email – 2020 Release wave 2

Agents while working on email can now search for Knowledge articles and insert its content in 2020 release wave 2.

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The new Insert Knowledge Article button in the command bar for email.

Agents can now search for the article without losing the context

Agents can preview and insert the article content.

The same experience for email within the timeline control


This feature was not available in 2020 Release wave 1.

Missing Insert Knowledge Article button there –

Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2 –

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D365 CE- Incident management integration with SAP Qualtrics – Part 3

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In part 3 of my blog , I am going to explain about how I have use Common Data Connector (CDS) to call qualtrics API’s and update back the response in D365 CE.

Login to power platforms and go to flows

I have achieved my scenario using 2 power automate flows in CDS

a) Automated Flow : When a Qualtrics transaction record created in D365 CE on close of an incident

b) Scheduled Flow : To get the survey link after the import is successful and update back the Survey Link.

FirstAutomated Flow “Qualtrics – Create Transaction and Contact”

  • Connect to your environment, Select entity and define scope
  • I have used HTTP connector to call API, and used the URL stored in transaction recorded created in D365 CE from the Async plugin. For the detailed API and body structure, you can refer to part 1 of this blog
  • Initialized…

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Timeline control enhancements in Dynamics 365 – 2020 release wave 2

Check all the enhancements that were added in 2020 Release wave 1 in Timeline control

Below are some of the new features added in 2020 Release wave 2

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  • Expand and collapse records in timeline

All records expanded inside timeline control shows its content and the icons to perform action on them.

In 2020 Release wave 1, the option is not available

  • Enhancements related to Email within timeline control

  • Highlight of matching text for the search

Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2 –

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Enhanced knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 – 2020 release wave 2

With 2020 release wave 1, we had new features added in Knowledge management for increased productivity

Opt-in for release 2020 wave 2

Now with release 2020 wave 2, we have a few more changes added to editing and view experience related to Knowledge articles.

  • The authors can create a collapsible section

The same experience for the end-users within the case form à

  • The collapsible section option was not available in 2020 release wave 1

  • Warning message in the Preview tab, if an anchor is used, has been removed now.

With 2020 Release wave 1

  • Icons have been updated within the Knowledge search control.

In 2020 Release wave 1 ->

In 2020 Release wave 2 ->

Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2 –

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Enhanced email for timeline in Dynamics 365 – 2020 release wave 2

With 2020 release wave 1, we had seen a couple of enhancements in Email experience

now this has been extended to Email within the Timeline section

Enable early access to 2020 release wave 2

Navigate to App Settings in Sales Hub, and click Manage for Enhanced email for timeline

Enable it and save.

Let us now navigate to one of the contact records and try creating a new email from its Timeline control

There we can now compose email in a pop-up and non-blocking window within the context of the record.

We can now work on a maximum of 3 active draft emails at a time.

The same rich edit experience which includes Drag and Drop / Copy and paste of the images is available.

In short, all the email enhancements that were added as part of Release 2020 Wave 1 is now available from within the Timeline control for email, making it a consistent experience for the users.

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Enable early access 2020 release wave 2 – Dynamics 365

Finally, now we have the opportunity to opt-in for early access to release wave 2, to validate the new features in a non-production environment.

The features will be generally available on October 1, 2020.

Get all the details on the key dates and FAQ here

To opt-in

  • Log in to the Admin Portal

  • Select and open the environment to upgrade

  • Click on Manage in the Updates section and click Update Now

  • The upgrade process will start

  • Retry in case if any of the application updates fails using the Retry button, for us Dynamics 365 Core service had failed.
  • After a successful upgrade, the upgraded instance will show the 2020 release wave 2 enabled.

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