Fix – The label ‘ ‘, id: ” already exists. Supply unique labelid values while importing solution – Dynamics 365

Recently while trying to import the solution, we got the below error –

The tab tag was missing the labelid property. Adding it back to the FormXml using FormXml
Manager XrmToolBox plugin fixed it.

Also check –

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Fixed – Canvas App / Custom Page not showing data (Dataverse / PowerApps)

Recently we faced an issue wherein the custom page was not loading any data, however, it was working for users with the System Administrator role.

The gallery control shows the Product details.

There were no errors in the Developer Tools, we tried by giving all Organization level rights to the users on the tables involved etc. but that didn’t help.

Eventually, it all came down to this particular line in the formula used for the Items property of the Gallery Control i.e. Asset Status field (custom field).

We had a field security profile created which had Read set as No and the users were part of that security profile, which explained why it was only working for System Admin users.

Changing the Read access to Yes for that column fixed the issue for us.

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Enhanced Case experience – Full case form – Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Enhance Case Experience is currently available only for the Customer Service Workspace app which targets to increase the productivity of the agent.

To enable it, navigate to Customer Service Admin Center >> Customer Support >> Case Settings >> Enhanced case experience (Manage)

Enable the options – Here we have enabled the Full case form experience.

The new case form will show up while creating a new record from an existing case or the case grid.

Clicking on Configure opens the form in the Maker Portal.

The new Full Case form has the following new components added to it –

Grid Control – Case Associations (showing associated knowledge articles, similar cases, merged cases, and child cases)

  • Attachment Control – For the Case table, the new attachment control gives the option to directly upload the attachment as well as shows all the attachments either uploaded directly or associated with the notes or emails of the case record.

More on Attachment control:

  • Shows Priority and Case Status as color-coded options.

Due Activities Control – shows activities due today or overdue

More on Due Open Activities Control -

It shows the activities overdue

  • Queue control shows the details of the Queue the record belongs to along with Worked By field.
  • Notes control that allows taking notes before saving i.e. in a new record.

More on Notes control -

  • It also displays the Customer Details section based on the Customer selected in the case, as well as recent cases created.

Get more details on Enhanced Case Form

Hope it helps..


Notes Control – Dynamics 365

We now have new Notes control for the Case table.

The new notes control allows us to associate/create note without the need to create the case record first.

Here we are adding the Notes control in our Case form.

Specify Pre Create Notes Id (Text) as Table Column for Bound Attribute.

Save and publish the changes.

On creating the record we can see notes added to the timelines.

Also, we can observe that the control now shows – “No Data Available”.

In the case of the Enhanced Case Form, we have a script that hides that section after creation.

Due Open Activities Control –

Attachment Control  –

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Manage Security Roles using the new modern UI (preview) – Power Platform Admin Center

Security roles can be now managed using the new modern UI (preview).

Select Security Roles (See all) for an environment, within Power Platform Admin Center.

Select Edit for a security role.

We can see here Display only parent security roles option is On by default.

We can see the different options.

  1. Filter based on table or privileges

2. Specify Member’s privilege inheritance option

Nicely explained here –

3. Tabs for Table specific, Miscellaneous, and Privacy-related privileges

4. Filter privileges further by all, assigned or unassigned.

5. Collapsible

6. Option to Copy Table Permission to another table(s) and apply predefined Permission Settings i.e. Access Levels.

Copy table permissions to multiple tables

Permission Settings (Access Levels)

7. Specify Access Level for Privileges

Get all the details here – Security Roles and new modern UI

Hope it helps..


Get RequiredAttendee (Required) from the Meeting (appointment) table – Power Automate / Dataverse

Below is the sample flow we can use to retrieve the Required (requiredattendees) field’s value from the Meeting table (on the update of the record).

Here we are triggering the flow, if there is an update in the subject field of the meeting record.

Then using the List rows action we are fetching the Activity Parties record associated using the Appointment’s unique identifier and participation mask as 5.

More on participation type mask

And in the last step, we are checking for all the associated Activity Party GUIDs for a specific GUID and then update the record or cancel the record.

Hope it helps..

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