Embedding Canvas App in an Iframe inside Dynamics 365

Canvas App can be easily embedded in a web site using the Iframe.

Say e.g. we have the following Canvas App to be embedded inside Dashboard in Dynamics 365

Save the app and navigate to Details

We can copy the Web link or App ID.

The URL Format –


The other parameter that can be used are

source, tenantid, screencolor and any additional parameters


https://apps.powerapps.com/play/[appId]?source=iframe&screenColor=rgba(120,110,55,1)&param1=value&param2=value 2

  • Here we have embedded it inside an Iframe component within the Dashboard

Publish the change and navigate to the Dashboard, we can see our Canvas App.

If the application is using Azure Active Directory-based authentication, the user will not be asked to sign-in again, else the user will be asked to Sign-in and will be able to access the app if it is shared with them.

Here we have embedded it inside an ASP.NET page, and we are asked to Sign-in.

After successful sign-in

Get all the details here –


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Traffic information in the map component – 2020 Release Wave 2

The interactive Map component (preview) can now be enabled to show traffic information like traffic congestion, incidents, traffic flow using red, yellow, and green colors.

Before we can use the Map component (preview), we need to first enable it for the environment.

Navigate to the admin portal –


Within features, enable the Geospatial services and save the setting.

Else we would be getting the below error while trying to add the map component to the canvas app screen.

Here we have added the map component.

And updated the default location.

Scrolling down within the properties pane, we can see the properties specific to traffic information.

  • Show traffic incidents – On / Off.
  • Traffic flow types – None, Relative, Relative Delay only.

Below is how it renders for different values for traffic flow types.

Traffic flow type = none

No data is shown

Traffic flow type = relative

Relative data to the free-flow of the road

Traffic flow type = relative-delay

Areas that are slower than average expected delay

More on Map component –https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/geospatial-component-map

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Use Monitor to troubleshoot forms in the model-driven app (preview)– Dynamics 365

The new monitor feature added for the Model-driven apps can be used for troubleshooting issues with form related events.

We have 2 ways to access the monitor option.

Select the Model-driven app inside Power Apps  and select Monitor in the command bar.

The other option is to  add the parameter &monitor=true to the end of the URL

And select the monitor option

This will open the monitoring session in a new tab.

Click on the Play model-driven app.

This opens the app connected to the monitor session.

We can see any action performed tracked.

We can filter Category column to check specific events related to form.

Select the row to get the details populated on the right side.

Get all the details below


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Column Comparison using FetchXML Builder and SQL 4 CDS

Check it out, the column comparison feature is now added in our favorite XrmToolBox plugins (make sure to update to the latest version)

  • FetchXML Builder


  • SQL 4 CDS


Thanks, @Jonas, and @Mark for incorporating it.

Also, refer –





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New Admin Trial (subscription-based) experience – Dynamics 365

Recently a new Trial (subscription-based) environment option added to the tenants in the Power Platform Admin Center

Earlier we were limited to below options –

These new trial types are created and controlled by tenant administrators, as a result of signing up for a trial subscription and can be added to the existing tenant.

This new environment follows the trial subscription lifecycle (which is typically 30 days) and can be extended from the admin center.


  • A total of 3 trial environments can be created.
  • Trying to create 4th will give us the below error

Get more details here


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The new Column comparison in queries in Dynamics 365 / PowerApps

Column Comparison is one of the best features that has been recently added to the product.

Column comparison allows us to compare values of 2 different columns in our query be it Fetch XML, Web API, or through SDK API.

Sharing some of the basic examples that we tried using our favorite  FetchXML Builder

  • If we run the following query “Find all contact which has the first name equal to the last name”

The result –

  • Find all contact where the first name is not equal to last name

The result –

The operators supported are –

Equal LessEqual GreaterEqual
Not Equal LessThan GreaterThan
  • Only 2 columns can be compared.
  • Only compatible attribute types can be compared.
  • E.g. “Find all contact where the first name is equal to address 1 city”

The result

It works as both are string attributes.

  • If we try comparing text field with options set, we will get below error message

  • Two option set can be compared as they represent the same type integer

Both having value 1

  • Comparing date fields

  • We are getting the result

  • For the lookups, comparing created by and owner id

works as expected.

  • For the below record we have the First name and job title as null

And here for below record, we have the same value for First Name and Job title.

On running the below query – find all contact where the first name is equal to the job title.

We get only one result. It ignored the blank (null) record.

Get all the details here


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