Fixed – Expect non-empty Guid while importing solution in Dynamics 365/ Dataverse

While trying to import the solution (patch), we were getting the below error.

“Expected non-empty Guid”

There was hardly any detail in the log file also

We tried removing the solution component one by one in our source environment and trying the import again in the target environment.

Eventually removing the Pages (custom page) allowed us to import the solution successfully into the target environment.

We then compared the customization.xml of the current solution with the backup solution of the Target and see the information missing in the current solution.

Left is – Current solution (giving error) and Right is the backup solution of the target.

Interestingly next time when we extracted the new patch after a couple of days, we could see the tag there and so no issues that time.

Hope it helps.


Fix – The label ‘ ‘, id: ” already exists. Supply unique labelid values while importing solution – Dynamics 365

Recently while trying to import the solution, we got the below error –

The tab tag was missing the labelid property. Adding it back to the FormXml using FormXml
Manager XrmToolBox plugin fixed it.

Also check –

Hope it helps..


Fix – Missing dependencies error while importing solution (Dynamics 365)

Recently while importing the solution in our UAT we got the below error –

It was showing the above entity relationships missing in the solution. We could not find them inside the Power Apps Maker Portal, to add them in the source solution.

Interestingly enough we were able to find them from the classic solution explorer.

Adding them to the source solution and trying the import fixed the issue for us.

Hope it helps..


Fixed – Canvas App / Custom Page not showing data (Dataverse / PowerApps)

Recently we faced an issue wherein the custom page was not loading any data, however, it was working for users with the System Administrator role.

The gallery control shows the Product details.

There were no errors in the Developer Tools, we tried by giving all Organization level rights to the users on the tables involved etc. but that didn’t help.

Eventually, it all came down to this particular line in the formula used for the Items property of the Gallery Control i.e. Asset Status field (custom field).

We had a field security profile created which had Read set as No and the users were part of that security profile, which explained why it was only working for System Admin users.

Changing the Read access to Yes for that column fixed the issue for us.

Hope it helps..


How to set Date Picker as Blank (Null)- Canvas Apps / Dataverse

If no dates are selected the Date Picker control will display a default date.

This comes from the InputTextPlaceholder property

We can update the formula to set the field as blank.

If(IsBlank(Self.SelectedDate), Text(Blank()))

Hope it helps..


Manage Security Roles using the new modern UI (preview) – Power Platform Admin Center

Security roles can be now managed using the new modern UI (preview).

Select Security Roles (See all) for an environment, within Power Platform Admin Center.

Select Edit for a security role.

We can see here Display only parent security roles option is On by default.

We can see the different options.

  1. Filter based on table or privileges

2. Specify Member’s privilege inheritance option

Nicely explained here –

3. Tabs for Table specific, Miscellaneous, and Privacy-related privileges

4. Filter privileges further by all, assigned or unassigned.

5. Collapsible

6. Option to Copy Table Permission to another table(s) and apply predefined Permission Settings i.e. Access Levels.

Copy table permissions to multiple tables

Permission Settings (Access Levels)

7. Specify Access Level for Privileges

Get all the details here – Security Roles and new modern UI

Hope it helps..

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