Using Parallel ForEach and ExecutionTransactionRequest in CRM 2015 for bulk creation of records.


Recently we had a requirement to read each account record and create 4 related child records for each of them. First we wrote a console app that will loop through each of the account records and will create corresponding records. The tool was working fine however it’s execution was very slow. It was talking around 5 hours to process 10000 Account records and create corresponding 40000 child records.

To fine tune the performance, we implemented the Parallel.ForEach.

We got the performance improvement, however we were getting the following error

The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Security.TransportSecurityProtocol, cannot be used for communication because it has been Aborted.

And because of this we had few Account records which had one, two or three records instead of total 4 related records as required. (as the child records might be getting created by separate thread).

For e.g. we can see that for Account Number 98208 we have four records created one at 8:33, then another one at 8:36, 8:38 and 8:41. (gap of minimum 2 minutes). So if there was an exception we had account records created with less than 4 child records.

We solved this issue by using ExecuteTransactionRequest, and creating all the child records as part of transaction, so that we either have all the 4 records created or none.

All the child records were getting created at the same time

We also got huge performance improvement, the code that was initially taking 5 hours to process 10000 records, were not taking only 1 hour to process them.

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RetrieveMultiple performance on large datasets

Using TPL in CRM

Dreaming in CRM

EDIT (21/05/15): After DMing with @maustinjones, I have added stat for paged RetrieveMultiple as well. I have updated the post to include this.

EDIT (22/05/15): Updated post to reflect correct behaviour of no-lock when parallelising. Thanks @maustinjones. Please also refer to the follow up post -> on why paging cookie, is the recommended approach.

MSCRM limits the maximum result size to 5000 records, when you use the RetrieveMultiple request. In order to overcome this and retrieve all the records, you’ll have to use paging. PFEDynamics team have also released an open-source library called PFE Xrm Core Library that utilises Task Parallel Library.

There is also ExecuteMultipleRequest that you can use to send bunch of requests in one go, and process the responses. This just wanted to document by findings, about the performance of these options:

  1. Just using Parallel.ForEach
  2. ExecuteMultipleRequest
  3. PFE Xrm Core
  4. Paged RetrieveMultiple

Run 1 (Batch…

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SandboxFault.ThrowIfGuidEmpty: entityId in CRM 2015.


We had one of our Plugins registered in RetrieveMultiple of an entity. And one of the JavaScript was using FetchXML to retrieve that particular entity records. This JavaScript was throwing the following exception

Putting the Guid.Empty check for the OutputParameter EntityCollection fixed the issue.

Hope it helps..

“The content of the import file is not valid. You must select a text file” – Error on Solution Import in CRM 2015 (and earlier)


We got this issue while importing (managed) solution from dev to test organization. We had recently deleted one of our existing 1 – n relationship and had created a new n – n relationship between those entities. The issue was that the new relationship had exactly the same schema name as the old relationship which we deleted.

The solution was to delete the newly created n – n relationship in Dev and create a new one with different schema name. After this change we were able to import the solution successfully.

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Cannot read property ‘raw’ of undefined error message in CRM 2015 (Update 1.2)


After our CRM 2015 Online instance was updated with Update 1.2 , we started getting weird issues around Boolean fields.

In our existing records having Boolean fields which has no value in it, we started getting the following Jscript error.

<Message>inline control initialization failed for control : tk_sharingrefreshed : with controlMode : normal : and exception details :

Cannot read property ‘raw’ of undefined</Message>

The only way we got it fixed is by changing the format of the field from Two Radio Buttons to either List or Check Box in the form.

Hope it helps ..