Sample Code to retrieve instances using Online Management API in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

With version 9.0 of Dynamics 365 CE we now have Online Admin API that supports the following operations like Create, Retrieve, Delete, Backup and Restore instances. The user needs to have the Global Administrator or Service Administrator role in the Office 365 tenant to perform these operations.

As a first step we need to register the application with Azure Active Directory.

and get the values for

Client Id and Authority.

Get the Service URL here

Sharing a sample code which can be used to retrieve all the instances in a specific tenant.

The sample code: –

public class MySampleApp

private const string Resource = "";

// username and password
private const string UserName = "";
private const string Password = "password";

// client id and authority of the application registered
private const string ClientId = "b2c5028d-57e6-4df7-9940-3243214948b";
private const string Authority = "";

private static AuthenticationResult _authResult;

private static void Main(string[] args)
var authContext = new AuthenticationContext(Authority, false);
var credentials = new UserCredential(UserName, Password);

// Get the token
_authResult = authContext.AcquireToken(Resource, ClientId, credentials);

Task.WaitAll(Task.Run(async () => await GetInstances()));

private static async Task GetInstances()
var httpClient = new HttpClient
BaseAddress = new Uri(Resource),
Timeout = new TimeSpan(0, 2, 0)

httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("OData-MaxVersion", "4.0");
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("OData-Version", "4.0");
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer",

var retrieveResponse =
await httpClient.GetAsync("/api/v1/instances");

if (retrieveResponse.IsSuccessStatusCode)
var jRetrieveResponse =

var result = JArray.Parse(jRetrieveResponse);
foreach (var data in result)
Console.Write("Id " + data["Id"] + "\nUnique Name " + data["UniqueName"]);

Result: –

The other properties: –


Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AdalServiceException: ‘AADSTS65001: The user or administrator has not consented to use the application error in Dynamics 365 CE

Suppose, we have just registered an application in Azure Active Directory and trying to acquire the token and get the below error

Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AdalServiceException: ‘AADSTS65001: The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID ‘b2c5028d-57e6-4df7-9940-828e6914948b’ named ‘MyApp’. Send an interactive authorization request for this user and resource.

This is because admin consent is required before the application can be used. This could be granted by global administrator.

One of the ways to do so is through the URL with the specific format as shown below[tenantid]/oauth2/authorize?client_id=[appId]&response_type=code&redirect_uri=[redirctURL]&resource=[resourceURL]&prompt=admin_consent

Pasting this URL in the browser will prompt for the credential, login will global administrator and we will be presented with the following consent box

Clicking on Accept will grant the required permission to the application registered.

Hope it helps..