{Power 2022} Enable editable grid on a Dashboard component in Dynamics 365 CE


Requirement: Enable editable grid on a Dashboard component for views.


Follow the following steps to configure editable grid on a view component within Dynamics 365 CE dashboard:

  1. Open the Dashboard for editing by clicking Edit:

  • Double click the View component in which you wish to add Editable Grid control and select control tab:

  • Select Editable grid in the control and set relevant option (selected Web in our example in the blog):

  • Clock Ok and then Save, Close the dashboard(using Personal Dashboard in this example)


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Understanding Change limits option in Do until control – Power Automate

Within Do Until control in Power Automate we have the option of defining the limits i.e. how long the do until will run either based on count or timeout.

By default, the value for count is 60 and Timeout is PT1H which equates to 1 hour i.e. it will either run 60 times or will run for 1 hour which occurs first.

Let us set the count to 5 and test it.

We have also added the delay of 1 minute along with the condition for do until and triggering it on the update of a lead record.

As expected if the condition is not true, after running 5 times it stops successfully.

Now let us change the Timeout to 2 minute and we keep the count as 5.

As expected after 2 minutes (by that time it has looped 2 times with 1 min delay), the flow stops successfully.

The flow will also be successful when the Do until condition is met.

Here we can make use of Current Iteration Index property of Do until to find out the number of times it has looped.

To set the time out format –


Also check –




Hope it helps..


Terminate and Cancel Flow Run in Power Automate

Cancel Flow Run action which is part of the Power Automate Management connection be used to cancel a running flow along with Terminate.

Cancel Flow Run

We can specify the below expressions for its parameters as below.





Run ID 


The Cancel Flow Run can be used inside Do Until and Apply To Each control, unlike the Terminate.

If we try using Terminate inside Do Until we will get a similar error message as below.

Request to XRM API failed with error: ‘Message: Flow client error returned with status code “BadRequest” and details “{“error”:{“code”:”InvalidOpenApiFlow”,”message”:”Flow save failed with code ‘InvalidWorkflowRunAction’ and message ‘The workflow run action ‘Terminate’ has type ‘Terminate’ that is not allwed to be nested under an action of type ‘until’.’.”}}”. Code: 0x80060467 InnerError: ‘.

If we have implemented the Try, Catch and Finally block (scope), the Catch and Finally steps will be skipped as shown, on canceling the flow.

Interestingly the steps next to Cancel Flow Run still run.

The status will show up as canceled for the flow in the flow history.

Now let us see what happens in the case of Terminate action.

In the case of setting the Terminate Status as Failed – we see the next step skipped along with Catch and Finally.

Let us see in the case of Status = Cancelled

The status will be Canceled.

In the case of Status = Succeeded,

Here the status will be Succeeded.

Do check –


Hope it helps..


Fixed – Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse not starting

Recently while trying to configure “Azure Synapse Link for
Dataverse” for one of our environments, we faced an issue, where it got stuck as shown below.

Also, there were no files/folders created inside the Storage Account.

Posts on Azure Data Lake

The accounts were properly setup – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/maker/data-platform/azure-synapse-link-synapse#prerequisites

Here we had only selected contact table for sync initially, and it had around 2.5 million records.

To fix this, we unlinked (using Unlink Option) and created the link again and this time we selected a table having very few record for e.g. country table as shown below.

This time the sync started immediately.

Than through Manage tables option, we added our contact table also, and it also started syncing properly as shown below-

Hope it helps..


Filter rows and Trigger Conditions in Power Automate

Filter rows and Trigger Conditions can be used to specify the condition on which the trigger should fire. This makes sure that we do not exceed flow execution limits.

Power Automate Licensing – Power Platform Requests

Power Automate Limits and Configuration

In the case of our Dataverse trigger “When a row is added, modified or deleted” we can make use of either Filter rows or Trigger Conditions, as we have both options available.

We’d be using Trigger Conditions for those triggers where we do not have additional property to specify the filter condition.

E.g. we want the flow to run only on a specific file in a library or based on the extension of the file as nicely explained here



Now out of curiosity, we tried specifying both Filter rows and Trigger conditions to see how it behaves.

Here for the same trigger we have specified Filter Rows as below

address1_city eq ‘Ahmedabad’

And Trigger Conditions as below

@equals(triggerOutputs()?[‘body/companyname’], ‘MS’)

During our test, we observed that the trigger is firing only when both the conditions or expressions, specified in Filter Rows as well as Trigger Conditions are true.

So basically it will only fire for those rows or records having Company as MS and City equal to Ahmedabad.

It will not fire if either of Filter Rows or Trigger Conditions expression evaluate to be false.

Hope it helps..


Fixed – Unable to process template language expressions for trigger. In the template language function ‘convertToUtc’, the value provided for the time zone id ‘Gulf Standard Time’ was not valid while using Delay Until property– Power Automate

Recently while using Delay until property of the trigger, in one of the flows, we got the below error

“Unable to process template language expressions for trigger ‘When_a_row_is_added,_modified_or_deleted’ at line ‘1’ and column ‘16344’: ‘In the template language function ‘convertToUtc’, the value provided for the time zone id ‘Gulf Standard Time’ was not valid. ‘.”

Usage of Delay until is nicely explained here by Debajit –




Delay until = convertToUtc(‘2022-05-16T17:22:00′,’Gulf Standard Time’)

It turns out that Gulf Standard Time is not a valid time zone id.

Changing it to Arabian Standard Time resolved the issue for us.


convertToUtc(‘2022-05-16T19:22:00′,’Arabian Standard Time’)

Also check – https://nishantrana.me/2022/01/19/how-to-use-do-until-and-delay-in-power-automate/

Hope it helps..

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