Specify Web resource dependencies in Dynamics 365 July Update

For JavaScript and HTML Web Resource now we can define dependencies, this makes sure that all the required dependent resources are loaded properly.

For HTML and JavaScript, we can define dependencies on other web resources type like CSS, HTML, JavaScript Libraries, RESX and XML. In case of JavaScript Web Resource we can additionally define dependencies on attributes of a specific entity (selected) as shown below.

Hope it helps..

Tab got renamed after solution import in Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Recently after moving one of our managed solution from Dev to Test environment we started getting below Jscript error.

We figured out that error was getting created by this line of code.

The strange thing was that name of the tab was proper in Dev

However, in our Test it got added with the name tab_3 which caused the issue.

The reason I can see for this issue could be that we had multiple forms for that entity. And in one of the forms that tab name was tab_3, however, we weren’t using that form, it was inactive in our dev environment.

Hope it helps..

Existing Contact records are not opening from All Contacts view in Dynamics 365 July Update.

Recently while trying out Dynamics 365 July Update, I ran into an interesting issue.

I had to update one of the existing contact records, however, while clicking on the record, it was opening new contact form instead of opening the existing record.

I observed that it was happening when I was doing it from the All Contacts view.

Clicking on Alex Simmons opens the new contact form instead of opening existing recordà

On changing the view to Active Contacts and clicking on Alex Simmons

Opens the Alex Simmons record properly.

Is anyone else also facing the same?


Action not returning Output Parameter in Organization Response in Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Recently we faced a strange issue in one of our Actions. We were not getting output parameter’s value in the organization response.

Eventually, we realized it was because of the Stop Workflow step added. Removing it fixed the issue for us. We also tried by adding few other Steps like send email, status change, create record etc. after Assign Value step, however, in all those cases it properly returned the response.

Only in the case of Stop Workflow, we got the issue where the response was null for that output parameter.

Hope it helps..

Hide a Primary Navigation link using Web Page Access Control rule in Portals in Dynamics 365

Say for e.g. we want to hide Test Page navigation link from the Portal for anonymous users and make it visible only for authenticated users.

For this we can create a Web Page Access Control Rule,

Go to Portals à Web Page Access Control Rules and create a new rule as shown below

Select the Website and the web page to be hidden.

For Right, select Restrict Read and in Web Roles add Authenticated Users Web Role.

On refreshing the portal à

For logged in user

For anonymous user

Hope it helps..