Fixed – sdkmessageprocessingstep With Id = {GUID} Does Not Exist – Plug-in Profiler – Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

Recently we got the below issue while saving the contact record. It was throwing this for one of our plugin steps registered on the update, for which we had already removed the profiling.

The profiling was already removed from the step.

It was the same error while trying to uninstall the profiler.

As mentioned in the error message we checked the Plug-in Profiler assembly in the Plugin Registration tool and could find the reference to the step there.

We unregistered the step there

This fixed the issue for us.

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Retrieve primary entities along with related entities with one QueryExpression

Retrieve related records for a parent record

It’s possible to get related records of  a relationship when we retrieve a parent record using RelatedEntitiesQuery property in the RetrieveRequest. That means you have to construct the RetrieveRequest not using the Retrieve method from the OrganizationServiceProxy class.

by Khoa Nguyen

Fixed – Value must be a data entity record error in Power Apps

We got the below error while trying to use the Relate function – “Value must be a data entity record”






As the error message clearly states and also if we see the syntax, the Relate function expects a record

Below was our formula for OnSelect, which was throwing the error

Here instead of passing the record, we were passing the table in the Relationship which was the reason for the error.

We changed it to store the ThisItem

And also updated the OnSelect

This fixed the issue for us.

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Fixed – Deployment has failed with the following error: {“code”:”WebhookAadAppAccessCheckCategory”,”message”:”Access check failed for Webhook AAD App with error ‘Subscriber’s client ‘user’… while configuring the Azure Grid Event Subscription – Dynamics 365 Omnichannel Voice

While configuring Azure Grid Event Subscription for enabling Call Recording in Dynamics 365 Omnichannel Voice,

we got the below error –

Deployment has failed with the following error: {“code”:”WebhookAadAppAccessCheckCategory”,”message”:”Access check failed for Webhook AAD App with error ‘Subscriber’s client ‘user’ with object id ‘1fc23e2e-cf5b-49c1-b942-9f2036e8c9cf’ is neither owner of this AAD application 585b1e3f-6685-4e69-a1b7-a880074f12f0 nor have this role AzureEventGridSecureWebhookSubscriber. In addition the role has to be assigned to client ‘user’ with object id ‘1fc23e2e-cf5b-49c1-b942-9f2036e8c9cf’. One of these two conditions has to be met.’. For troublehooting, visit Activity id:b179f7d4-115b-4d4d-aeee-6046f4181846, timestamp: 12/14/2022 9:52:19 AM (UTC).”}

As the error message suggests, the user who is setting up the Azure Event Grid Subscription has to be added as the owner of the Azure AD Application, with AAD Authentication as shown below.

So we added the user as the owner of that Azure AD app, which fixed the issue for us.

The result –


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Import from Excel / Import Wizard updates Record Created On (overriddencreatedon) – Dynamics 365

When we are creating new records and need the created on field to take the value provided instead of system generated, we can map it to the Record Created On field during Import from Excel option.

In fact in the Import Data Wizard also, although it doesn’t show the Record Created On field for mapping, we can map to Created On field and the behavior will be same. (and in the case of the Import from Excel in the Grid, we do not get the Created On field for mapping)

Below is the record we have created through Import Data Wizard, and we can see the values of Created on and Record Created On for it.

Read more –

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Anonymous Visitor tracking behavior in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Suppose, we have the below page opened in the browser, which has an embedded marketing form in it.

Opening the marketing website record associated with the marketing form, we can see the anonymous visit being tracked.

Here the user had opened the page a couple of times.

Form Visits also have the corresponding details.

Form submission – No records right now as the form hasn’t been submitted by the visitor on the page.

Now let us submit the form

After the successful submission of the form which created the contact record, we can now see a new record added on the website visitors

as well as all the previous anonymous records also updated with the same contact.

Same for Form Visits

And as expected a new form submission record.

Now any future visit to the page gets tracked with the Contact created for that user.

In the contact record, also all the website visits get associated.

To read more about it –

To learn more about Dynamics 365 Marketing –

Hope it helps..

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