Fixed – The product cannot be added because it is not active while creating Quote Product – Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

We got the below error while trying to create a quote product programmatically.

As the error message specifies, this is because we are trying to add/associate a DRAFT product to the Quote Product.

We will get a similar error from the application as well if we try adding a draft product as an existing product to either a quote product or an opportunity product.

Below is the product in the Draft status.

Publish the product to make it Active.

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InvalidPluginExecutionException error dialog not showing up – Dynamis 365 / Dataverse

One of the reasons why throwing the InvalidPluginExecutionException doesn’t show up error dialog could be that you would have Profiled that step with profile storage as Persist to Entity.

Stop Profiling and it should work as expected.


Check for more details on InvalidPluginExecutionException

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Fix- Multiple levels of many-to-one relationship expansion aren’t supported in PowerApps

We would get this error while trying to get the value of a related entity (lookup) through a related entity (lookup) in the current record using the incorrect formula.

For e.g. here Region is a lookup in the Village, which in turn is a lookup in the Product record (ThisItem).

The solution here is to use the LookUp function




LookUp(Villages, Village = ThisItem.Village.Village).Region.Name


Search the Villages table, using the GUID of the Village, and fetch the name of the region lookup field in it.

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Import from Excel / Import Wizard updates Record Created On (overriddencreatedon) – Dynamics 365

When we are creating new records and need the created on field to take the value provided instead of system generated, we can map it to the Record Created On field during Import from Excel option.

In fact in the Import Data Wizard also, although it doesn’t show the Record Created On field for mapping, we can map to Created On field and the behavior will be same. (and in the case of the Import from Excel in the Grid, we do not get the Created On field for mapping)

Below is the record we have created through Import Data Wizard, and we can see the values of Created on and Record Created On for it.

Read more –

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How to – Access Dataverse environment storage using SAS Token

We can access our environment’s storage using a SAS token. 

Download – Azure Storage Explorer

Select Connect to Azure resources option

Select ADLS Gen2 container or directory for the Azure storage type.

Select the Shared access signature URL for the connection

To get the SAS URLhttps://[ContainerURL]/CDS?[SASToken],

we need ContainerURL and SASToken.

To get Container URL use the below link –

ContainerURL = <a href="https:///api/data/v9.1/datalakefolders”>https://&lt;EnvironmentURL>/api/data/v9.1/datalakefolders

In our case –

The containerendpoint =

Copy the value of containerendpoint (ContainerURL)

Navigate to the below URL by replacing the value of the Environment URL and Container URL

<a href="https:///api/data/v9.1/RetrieveAnalyticsStoreAccess(Url=@a,ResourceType=’Folder&#8217;,Permissions=’Read,List’)?@a=’/CDS”>https://&lt;EnvironmentURL>/api/data/v9.1/RetrieveAnalyticsStoreAccess(Url=@a,ResourceType=’Folder’,Permissions=’Read,List’)?@a='<ContainerURL>/CDS’


to get the SAS token (the SAS Token will expire after 1 hour)

Construct the SAS URL which we will use in the Azure Explorer’s connection info  <a href="https:///CDS?https://<ContainerURL>/CDS?<SASToken&gt;

Now we have access to the storage

Here we have opened the contact folder just as an example

We only have read-only access, any other access like delete, rename, upload, etc. will fail

Get all the details here –

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How to – Provision Unified Routing in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub

Unified Routing can be configured in Customer Service Hub or Omnichannel Admin Center.

To configure it for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, navigate to

Service Management >> Service Configuration Settings >> Unified routing

(requires Tenant administrator’s consent – click on Provide Consent link)

Accept the permissions requested and provide the consent.

In case unified routing remains disabled  –

Unified Routing once switched on, cannot be disabled from the application, and we need to contact Microsoft Support to turn it off.

The provisioning starts

After a couple of hours, we can see Unified Routing configured for the Customer Service app.

We can see the following solution – Anchor solution for UnifiedRoutingForCS in Dynamics 365 solutions installed in the environment.

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