Show/ Hide header and ribbon menu dynamically on Dynamics 365/ Model Driven App forms

by Debajit Dutta (MVP – Business Solutions)

In-app or Push notification – Model-driven App – 2021 Release Wave 1 Power Apps / Dynamics 365

With 2021 Release Wave 1, the in-app notifications feature has been added to the Model-driven app, earlier it was only available for Canvas Apps.

To see it in action à

Login to Power Automate

Create a new flow, select start from blank – Automated cloud flow, make sure the appropriate environment is selected.

Specify the flow name along with the trigger

Here for the trigger, we have specified the condition as contact creation.

For the action, select Send Push Notification V2 (preview)

For Mobile App, we can select either Power Apps or Field Service app to send the notifications to.

Here we have selected Power Apps mobile app.

Your app field will list down all the Model-driven apps available for the environment.

In recipients specify the email address and define the message.

In the Open App option, we can specify whether to open the app or not, on tap of the notification.

Finally, we can specify the entity, form for that entity (or view) to be opened.

We are setting the record id (of the contact record created) that should be opened in the form.

Save the flow.

Creating a contact record will trigger the flow and will send the notification to the mobile as shown below.

We can click on the notification, which takes us to the record as shown below.

Get all details here

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Extracting attachments from Notes in Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

There are different ways we can extract attachments from notes.

  • We can write an SSIS Package using the Premium Derived Column component of KingswaySoft

  • XrmToolBox has a wonderful plugin – Bulk Attachment Manager

The tool can download attachments from both Note and Email, using note’s GUID as the folder name.

  • We can use SDK and write console app or tool.

Or use the CRM SDK within the script component of SSIS if we are not using KingswaySoft’s CDS Component.

  • Attachment Downloader Tool

We can update the tool as per our requirement.

  • Use LINQPad for extracting attachment

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Unable to retrieve attribute=businessunitid for entityLogicalName=systemuser exception while creating Application User in Dynamics 365

Recently while trying to add a new application user we got the below error message

More on Application User

Adding the missing Business Unit field in the form fixed it.

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Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app (preview)

The new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app (preview), has been introduced specifically for the field sellers who need quick access and intuitive management of the customer information on the go while travelling / meeting the customers.

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To enable the App, navigate to Advanced Settings from the Sales Hub and then to Administration > System Settings > Mobile Client tab
We also need to enable Relevance search on the environment for the mobile app’s search to work.

For iOS

For Android

After installation open the app and sign in

From the list of apps, select the App to be used. Here we clicked on the Sales Hub app.

Below is the home page of the app.

The home page provides quick access to recent contacts and recent records along with reminders and insights.

More on Assistant –

The + option allows for the quick creation of Note and Contact records.

The more options allow access to the navigate to other part of the apps – dashboard and the other entities.

Search suggestions provide results while we are typing and grouping of search results to quickly find the information needed.

Other sub grid and form tab improvements in the app –

The meetings option shows the calendar view and the meetings that are scheduled in the outlook.

We cannot create meetings from the Sales Mobile app.

Get all the details here –

Overview of the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app

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Application User Form missing in Dynamics 365

Recently while trying to create a new application user, we could not find the application user form for the system user entity in the web application.

Within the maker portal, we can see the form available and enabled for everyone.

It was inside our classic administration settings; we saw it listed as Inactive Forms

Activating and publishing the solution fixed the issue.

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