Using Lookup Transformation and Cache Transformation in SSIS for Dynamics 365 (using Kingswaysoft)

Recently while working in data migration project, we had a requirement to insert a record in CRM from SQL Database and assign it to the team insert.

For e.g.

We had a Transaction Record that had a Brand lookup in it i.e. n – 1 relationship.

And the Brand record had a lookup of Team in it again n – 1. So basically, while inserting the transaction record we wanted to assign the record to the team of the corresponding brand in it.

So, for this, we had to set the owner id and owner id type field while inserting the record.

And for owner id i.e. team GUID we had to do a lookup on the Brand entity.

To achieve so, we did the following step

Added 2 Data flow task in the Control Flow, one for Caching the Brand entity’s detail and other for using the fetching data from SQL DB, Lookup Transformation task and inserting the data into CRM.

For the first data flow task,

We added the Dynamics CRM Source and fetched the Brand Name and Team Lookup’ GUID field.

name field which will be used for mapping and teamid field whose value we need from it.

Then we added a Cache Transform task with following details,

Now for our second data task flow,

First, we added the OLE DB Source to fetch data from the source SQL View, having Brand (string) column in it.

Then we added the Lookup Transformation task with following properties,

Setting Connection to Cache Connection Manager defined earlier.

Now the most important part, the columns properties. Here we defined the mapping between the Brand field of the SQL View and name field of the Brand Entity of CRM and selected the teamid field as the lookup column whose value we would like to fetch as shown below.

Then we added Derived Column task to add one more column for specifying ownerid type field to be used in CRM Destination Component while mapping. We defined the field type as string and hardcoded the value as “team”.

And as the final step mapped the above fields to the corresponding ownerid and owneridtype field in CRM Destination Component for Create operation.

For ownerid, we selected the below option as we were setting the GUID of the team.

On running the package, we can see the transaction records getting created and properly assigned to the corresponding team of the brand.

The transaction record with Team set as Owner.

Brand record with Team lookup in it.

Hope it helps..

Operation on clone solution failed error during solution import in Dynamics 365

We’d get this error if we are trying to import a solution whose upgrade solution is already there in the target system.

So, either we need to Clone the Solution to remove the upgraded solution or we need to delete the Upgrade Solution. Deleting the Upgrade solution will only delete the solution it will not delete the components as it will already be there in the main solution whose upgrade has been imported.

Hope it helps..

The import of the solution failed – The specified role cannot be updated error in Dynamics 365

We got this error while trying to import managed solution to our TEST environment.

The detail of the error message clearly tells the reason for the error.

The error was because that we had a similar a role with same name in our TEST environment, and in DEV we had renamed that existing role and had created a new role with similar name.

So, while trying to import the solution, CRM was getting confused as it was able to find the role with same name but different id.

To fix this either rename the Role in DEV and export and import it back or rename the role in TEST to and them import the same solution.

Hope it helps..

The solution installation or removal failed due to the installation or removal of another solution at the same time error in Dynamics 365

While trying to install a managed solution we were getting the below error

As the error message suggests, at the same time we had the solution upgrade (Apply Solution Upgrade) going on in the same environment.

Installing the solution worked after the solution upgrade successfully completed.

At times we might face SQL Timeout issue while trying to upgrade solution if it contains large number of components in it.

Hope it helps..

The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object while creating Alternate Key in Dynamics 365

We might get error while creating Alternate Key as shown below.

The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name ‘dbo.sab_fash_transactionheaderBase’ and the index name ‘ndx_for_entitykey_sab_fash_headername’. The duplicate key value is (0000001414).

The reason was because there was already records created for that entity and had the field (alternate key one) having duplicate values. Deleting the duplicate record allowed us to create the alternate key on that field.

Hope it helps..

Error while setting the lookup and publishing the workflow in Dynamics 365

Recently while trying to configure a Team in Assign step we were getting the below error

With following details (not much useful)

The only way we figured out to set that field was to first chagne the Entity in the Assign Drop down and then selecting the team in the lookup dialog bx.

Below we have changed the Entity to Brand (custom entity) from Lead and then changed it back to Lead and then tried setting the team from the lookup dialog box.

We were successful this time.

Or setting the lookup through quick search view instead of opening up the lookup dialog box as shown below

The other issue we were facing was while trying to publish the workflow we were getting the below errorà “The selected workflow has errors and cannot be published. Please open the workflow, remove the errors and try again.”

This we realized in one of the Check Condition steps we had the values repeated for one of the lookup field.

This was because the workflow was imported to the target environment and later the records of the lookup entity that is being referred were deleted and added back which eventually led to 2 duplicate values i.e. same display name and different GUID thing. (1 non-existing in that environment, but still there inside workflow step). Removing it fixed the issue and we were able to publish the workflow.

Hope it helps..