How to – Identify Dynamics 365 Marketing Application App and its corresponding environment

We can easily identify the Marketing App and the environment in which it has been provisioned.

Login to Power Platform Admin Center >> Resources >> Dynamics 365 Apps

We can find the unique name of the environment/organization suffixed with the name of the app i.e. Dynamics 365 Marketing Application for the configured app.

Navigate to the environment’s Advanced Settings >> Customizations >> Developer Resources 

We can find the Unique Name of our organization there

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Moving Marketing Email, Journey, Events, etc. between environments – Dynamics 365 Marketing

To move Marketing configurations/data from one environment to another we can make use of the Configuration Migration Tool.

Open the tool, and create the schema file. Connect to the source environment.

Select and add the real-time marketing email table – msdynmkt_email Soure email.

Next, we are going to select the real-time marketing Journey table – msdynmkt_journey

Source Journey.

Lastly events – msevtmgt_event

Source events.

Click on Save and Export

Save the schema file and click on yes.

Click on Export data to generate the data to be exported.

Next with the schema and data exported, select Import Data to start the import and select destination organization.

Select the data file exported earlier and start the import process.

The import process gets completed with a warning for the table Event for one of the records.

Let us now check the destination environment.

We can see 4 Email records created and 1 updated, all in Draft Status.

We can see all 4 journey records created.

And 2 event records were created.

In case we want to filter the records or want to make sure records are not updated in the destination, we can select Tools >> Configure Import Settings

And use Do not update existing records for all entities and specify Fetch XML for it for filtering.

Also, checkPrerequisites for the export/import process

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Marketing Form and required (mandatory) fields in Lead and Contact – Dynamics 365 Marketing

Let us take one of the out-of-the-box marketing forms available in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

It has only an Email field marked as required and creates / updates both contacts and leads.

If we click on Check for errors we will get the below notifications.

  • To create a Contact, the Last Name (lastname) field should be included in your form and marked as required.
  • To create a Lead, the Last Name (lastname) field should be included in your form and marked as required.

Now let us host this form and try submitting it.

Click on Go Live, and create a new related marketing form page for it. Make sure you have the domain already authenticated.

Authenticate Domain

Embed Marketing Form on the external page

Open the Form page and copy the script to host the form.

On the host page, let us submit the details.

Back in our Marketing form, we can see the submission.

And also, both the lead and contact records created.

Now let us try one more submission without specifying a value for the lastname field (which it was showing in the notification, as a required field to be added on the form, for both the lead and contact table).

We can see the submissions in the Marketing Form.

And both the lead and contact records were created.

So although it shows the notification for all the mandatory fields which are not added in the form and marked as required, it still allows the record to be created.

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Anonymous Visitor tracking behavior in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Suppose, we have the below page opened in the browser, which has an embedded marketing form in it.

Opening the marketing website record associated with the marketing form, we can see the anonymous visit being tracked.

Here the user had opened the page a couple of times.

Form Visits also have the corresponding details.

Form submission – No records right now as the form hasn’t been submitted by the visitor on the page.

Now let us submit the form

After the successful submission of the form which created the contact record, we can now see a new record added on the website visitors

as well as all the previous anonymous records also updated with the same contact.

Same for Form Visits

And as expected a new form submission record.

Now any future visit to the page gets tracked with the Contact created for that user.

In the contact record, also all the website visits get associated.

To read more about it –

To learn more about Dynamics 365 Marketing –

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How to – Use Personalized page content in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Continuing our previous post –, in this post we’d see the personalized page content works across the pages in the site.

Suppose we have the following embedded marketing form, submitted by the user with Remember Me checked (required for Personalized Page as well as Prefill to work)

Next time when the user visits the page, using the Personalized Page’s Script, we can have this value fetched from the cookie as shown below.

Here we can use the same personalized page script on other pages in the same authenticated domain/website to retrieve the values from the cookie.

For that, we just need to have the website’s div tag to be placed on that page, as shown below. We can get from that from the website record created and it will track the visit as well.


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How to – Hide, Submit and validation in Dynamics 365 Marketing Form

Continuing our previous post on setting hidden field’s value using JavaScript in Embedded Marketing Form,

below are a few more points that could help –

  • To hide the Marketing form on the host page – we can use afterFormRender
  • To submit the Marketing form on the host page –

  • If we are setting a non-existing value for an option set field in the formSubmit event, it will be treated as blank before submission and the blank value will be passed. However if the field is Required then validation will kick in and the form will not get submitted.

Get more details – Extend marketing form using code

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