Fixed – We couldn’t load your user roles from the selected Dynamics 365 Organization error while trying to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Recently while trying to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing on an existing Dataverse environment, we got the below error.

“We couldn’t load you user roles from the selected Dynamics 365 Organization. Please try again”

The user had the system administrator role, which is good enough to set up marketing.

We tried replicating the same in other trial environments but were not able to replicate the above error.

Eventually, we tried the setup with the same user but in a different VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), and the setup worked properly without any error. One probable reason could be, that the appropriate URLs being accessed during setup were already whitelisted in the other VDI, which wasn’t the case in the first VDI where we were trying earlier.

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Step by step – Configure Dynamics 365 Marketing in a Dataverse Environment

To configure Dynamics 365 Marketing in an existing Dataverse Environment –

  • Login to Power Platform Admin Center

  • Click on Dynamics 365 apps inside Resources

If Dynamics 365 Marketing is not listed there, log in to Microsoft Admin Center and start the trial.

We can see the product listed within Admin Center.

Back in Power Platform Admin Center we can see the Marketing application listed in the resources.

  • We can either install the Dynamics 365 Marketing Application with complete features or the Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution only, which only installs the solution.

Note – you don’t need a Global Admin role, the System Administrator role is enough to finish the setup.

  • It asks for the address to continue. In the case of multiple organizations, it would give the option of selecting the organization against which we want to configure the marketing app.

  • The installation starts, usually it takes somewhere around 2 hours or so.

  • After installation finishes, we can navigate to the app or uninstall the marketing app from the org.

  • Take me to the app, opens the app.

  • We can all see the Marketing app listed in the Apps section.

  • Similarly to Uninstall Dynamics 365 Marketing Application, we use the same option – navigate to Resources >> Dynamics 365 Apps – select Manage for the app.

  • It takes to the Marketing Admin Page, from where we can Uninstall the App

  • Read the details before continuing with the uninstall.

  • Apart from configuring Dynamics 365 Marketing over an existing organization, we can also set up a separate trial of the Marketing app.

  • Specify the work email id and launch the trial.

  • We can see the trial environment listed separately within Power Platform Admin Center

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How to – Setup a free trial of Dynamics 365 Marketing

If we already have a Microsoft 365 / Dynamics 365 tenant, we can directly request the trial for Dynamics 365 Marketing from Microsoft 365 Admin Center through Purchase services > Dynamics 365 Marketing option.

And within Power Platform Admin Center, we can navigate to Dynamics 365 Apps >> Dynamics 365 Marketing Application solution and select Manage.

Here Dynamics 365 Marketing Application is the full application with both the solution and the services and Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution Only provides the entities without services.

Select the appropriate Dynamics 365 Organization.

Provide the address and click on Setup

After a few minutes, the setup would complete.

Take me to the app will open the Dynamics 365 Marketing App.

We can also set up Microsoft 365 Tenant or Dynamics 365 trial

(in case if we do not have one).

Microsoft recommends to sign up for Microsoft 365 E3 Trial

After the tenant is set up, go to Get started with Dynamics 365 Marketing page to set up the free trial.

Here we provided the existing tenant’s account used.

Once the setup is done, the same sign up now options takes you to the instance picker page

Clicking on Open asks for an address.

Clicking on Begin opens the Dynamics 365 Marketing App.

We can log in to the Power Platform admin center and can see the environment created for the marketing app.

Get all the details here –

Hope it helps..

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