Changing the target runtime version of Azure Functions

Azure Functions 2.x runtime is based on .NET Core 2 from .NET Framework 4.7 in 1.x. So, any application migrating from 1.x to 2.x needs to make sure that they are using and referring the compatible code and libraries.

We can also update our Azure Functions to target the appropriate runtime using the below steps à

Inside Azure Portal, select the Function App, click on Application Settings within Platform Features tab.

We can specify the version number for the APP SETTING NAME – FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION

~ tilde à indicates that the latest version of that major version.

Get all the details here

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Publish as Azure Web Job Option missing in Visual Studio 2017

While trying to publish one of our console application to Azure as Web Job we couldn’t find the “Publish as Azure WebJob..” option

It was because Azure development tools were recently uninstalled from the system.

To install it, go to Windows à Program and Features à Select Visual Studio 2017 and click on Modify.

And select Azure Development for installation

Select Azure Cloud Services tool.

After installation it will ask for restart.

After restart we’d see the option added in our Visual Studio.

Hope it helps.