Step by Step – Configure CRM Plugin and Azure Service Bus in CRM 2015.

Run Microsoft Azure PowerShell

  • Add-AzureAccount

Sign in using your Azure Account.

  • Get-AzureSubscription

  • Select-Azuresubscription <name of the subscription you need>
  • New-Azuresbnamespace <name for the service bus> “North Europe” -CreateACSNamespace $true -NamespaceType Messaging

Open Azure Management Portal

Click on the Service Bus à Queues and Create a Queue using Quick Create



Now open Plugin Registration Tool.

Solution Namespace – Name Space we gave to our Service Bus.

Path – Name of the Queue.

Cick Save & Configure ACS

Management Key è Default Key



Click Save.

Now register a new Step. (Post Lead Create Asynchronous)


Create a new Lead record in CRM.

Check the System Job.

Hope it helps..


Fixed – Copying file “” failed. Could not find file while trying to Publish the portal in Azure using Visual Studio

The project was getting build successfully. But while trying to publish it was getting the below error.

Excluding all the files from the Project fixed the issue.



Hope it helps..

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