Configuring Note for Entity Form in Portal in Dynamics 365

Suppose we have below form for Contact to be displayed as Entity Form in Portal having notes control in it.

The Entity Form configured for the above form à

The portal page that displays the Entity Form à

Few points we need to remember here is that

  • The Portal User (contact record) needs to have Entity Permission assigned on Notes (Annotation) through one of the web roles assigned. For simplicity I have given the Global scope permission.

  • The Notes body should start with *WEB* prefix for Notes to be published on the Portal. For e.g. we have 3 notes attached for the contact record but only one shows up in the Portal.

Only 1 note being displayed in the portal.

The Portal displays the Notes as read only OOB.

We can use Entity Form Metadata of type Notes associated to Entity Form to further customize it.

Below are the different options that we have.

Refreshing the Portal page adds the

Add Note button

Edit and Delete Option

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

15 thoughts on “Configuring Note for Entity Form in Portal in Dynamics 365”

  1. Hi Nishant,

    Thank you very much for your post. Following the instructions we set up Notes for Authenticated users, unfortunately, we were not able to do so for Anonymous users.

    Are you aware of any restrictions?

    Thank you very much again.



  2. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks for detailed explanation.

    The issue now here is the notes which doesn’t have *WEB* prefix are also displaying in the portal. Is there any permission need to add for the notes section to not to display that notes in portal.


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    1. I’m having the opposite issue. I want to display all notes on the portal without having to add the *WEB* prefix. Is it possible to add this functionality with a configuration change?


  3. Hi Nishant!

    Nice again one of your articles has saved me. I was creating notes against a record and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t appear in the portal. That prefix is a weird quirk.

    For completeness, and it’s entirely possible it’s a change, I found it was actually the note description that needs the prefix, not the title. But you were still the only one in the entire internet who knew!!! Thank you so much!!




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