Configuring Map View for Entity List in Portal in Dynamics 365

Let us create a custom entity having latitude and longitude fields (floating point data type) in it. These fields are required for configuring Map View for the entity list.

For e.g. Location is our custom entity.

We have 2 record created and have the entity list configured for the Active Location view.

Entity List for the Location custom entity on the portal :-

Open the Entity List record, go to Map View tab and check Map Enabled check box.

Configure Latitude, Longitude field.

The InfoBox title and description field will be used for the info box that pops up when hovered over the pushpin.

For Credentials, get the Bing Map key

Default Center Latitude and Longitude would define the center point for the map.On refreshing the portal page, it shows the Map with the 2 records as push pin along with the records detail and Get Directions button

Info Box

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

10 thoughts on “Configuring Map View for Entity List in Portal in Dynamics 365”

  1. hi nishant ,

    thanks for your this blog on map view. Can you guide me to Calendar view please . I have followed all the required steps to enable calendar view on entity list but its still showing in grid format only.



  2. Thanks for the information, its really helpful.

    Could you help me to find the solution for;
    What is the best way to reproduce a BPF (Business Process Flow) existing on Cases? The idea is to be able to track progress made while filling in a case from the portal side
    o Example of steps for cases *Creation*; *In Progress*; *Attachments needed*; *Awaiting for Approval*; *Completed*;


  3. Thank you for this tutorial! However this map view never works for me. I’ve tried so many times and it just doesn’t work…. Drove me crazy.


    1. Check your page template. Not all templates will render a map. Also I’ve had a ticket opened with Microsoft about the pins not rendering. They’ve verified a bug in this and said there would be a fix soon.


      1. Hi Ingrid. Do you know what needs to be included in the web-template to render the map? Only the entity list view gets shown on my page even though I enabled the map. Any ideas?


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