Calling SetWordTemplate from custom ribbon button in Dynamics 365

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Let us continue our previous post and this time instead of calling SetWordTemplate action / request from a workflow, we will call it using a custom ribbon button.

If we try calling the action directly using
method from a custom ribbon button, we will get the below error “Resource not found for the segment ‘SetWordTempalte’

Source Code: –

function CallAction()

var parameters = {};

var selectedTemplate = {};
selectedTemplate["@odata.type"] = "Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.documenttemplate";
selectedTemplate["documenttemplateid@odata.bind"] = "/documenttemplates(4853247F-AD72-EA11-A811-000D3A31EEC)";

var target = {};
target["@odata.type"] = "Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.lead";
target["leadid@odata.bind"] = "/leads(2fa01d2d-7332-e611-80e5-5065f38b31c1)";

parameters.SelectedTemplate = selectedTemplate;
parameters.Target = target;
var setWordTemplateRequest = {
SelectedTemplate: parameters.SelectedTemplate,
Target: parameters.Target,

getMetadata: function() {
return {
boundParameter: null,
parameterTypes: {
"SelectedTemplate": {
"typeName": "mscrm.documenttemplate",
"structuralProperty": 5
"Target": {
"typeName": "mscrm.lead",
"structuralProperty": 5
operationType: 0,
operationName: "WinOpportunity"
function success(result) {
if (result.ok) {

function(error) {


As a workaround, we can define a custom action and add the Perform Action step with SetWordTemplate step to it.

Source Code: –

function CallSetWordTemplateAction(primaryControl) {

var formContext = primaryControl;
var leadid =; 

var target = {};
target.entityType = "lead"; = leadid; 

var req = {};
req.entity = target;
req.getMetadata = function () {
return {
boundParameter: "entity",
parameterTypes: {
"entity": {
typeName: "mscrm.lead",
structuralProperty: 5
operationType: 0,
operationName: "pcfpre_CreateDocumentAction"
function (data) {
var e = data; 

function (error) { 

var errMsg = error.message;

Another option is to use the Process.js library

The Ribbon Button

Ribbon button definition

Dynamics 365 for Phone \ Tablet


Source Code: –

function createWordDocument(primaryControl) {

var formContext = primaryControl;

var leadid =;

key: "Target",
type: Process.Type.EntityReference,
value: new Process.EntityReference("lead", leadid)
key: "SelectedTemplate",
type: Process.Type.EntityReference,
value: new Process.EntityReference("documenttemplate", "{4853247F-AD72-EA11-A811-000D3A31EEC8}")

alert('Document created');

function (error, trace)


It internally makes the Soap call to SetWordTemplate Request.

Although we are able to attach the doc to notes, from mobile if we try to open it we will get the below error message


To get the document upload to work seamlessly either we need to use Windows 10 based tablets or we need to use out of the box SharePoint integration.

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Using SetWordTemplate action to automate document generation and attaching it to note in Dynamics 365

Continuing our previous post,

wherein we used word template to generate a document having all the note’s attachments (picture) to it.

To enhance it further, we can write a custom workflow that calls the SetWordTemplate in Perform Action step.

SetWordTemplate action will generate the document, based on the word template defined, and will attach the document to the note of that particular record.

For this

  • Create a process of type workflow.

  • Select step Perform Action

  • Specify the Document Template and the associated entity (e.g. lead) for its input properties.

*if you do not see the entity listed, enable BPF on it

*also make sure you have notes enabled for the entity.

  • Activate the workflow.

  • Run the workflow Generate Word

  • After refreshing the timeline, we can see the new note record created with the document as attachment to it.

The generated document à

Now as we do not have option of running On Demand Workflow from Dynamics 365 Mobile / Tablet app.

It seems like April 2020 Release Wave 1 has added this feature to the mobile app


So here instead of on demand workflow, we can have a custom workflow to run on change of a specific field.

For e.g. we can add a custom field named when it is updated to Yes, we perform the same action

The workflow

This way we will be able to perform the same function within Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet App

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Using Word Template to combine multiple images attached to notes in a single document in Dynamics 365

Recently in one of our projects, we had proposed Dynamics 365 for Phone / Tablet as the device for our sales user. The user will be capturing the image of the customer’s document and will be attaching it in notes, which will then later be moved to the document management system.

Here, one of the requirements was to merge / combine all the images that are attached to the notes for a particular record into a single document.

Here we can make use of Word Template to achieve the same.

Open the entity’s (e.g. lead) record for which we want to create the word template.

  • Click on Download Template to design the word template.

  • Select Note as the related entity.

  • In the word document, go to Developer Tab and click on XML Mapping Pane ribbon button.

  • Insert a table and select its row.

  • Select the appropriate XML part from the drop down and navigate to Lead_Annotation child node in the XML Mapping section.

  • And map it to the row selected as shown below.

  • This is how the table would appear

  • Next add the documentbody à Insert Content Control à Picture to one of its columns to display the images.

  • This is how it would appear
  • We can also add additional fields of notes if needed.

  • Save the template.
  • Go to Settings à Template and upload the template.

  • To test it, let us go open the lead record which has 3 different notes with image attached as shown below.

  • Now let us generate the document based on the template uploaded.

  • The document will show all the images attached to the notes.

  • We can increase the size of the picture and remove the border from the table to make it appear better.

From Mobile –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Get more detail on attachments here à

Generate PDFà

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Attachments to Notes in Dynamics 365 for phone and tablet app

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In one of our recent projects we were analysing the Dynamics 365 for phone and tablet app, for one of the requirements where the user will be uploading the documents through phone or tablet app as an attachment to notes.

Below were some of our findings à

  • For mobile app à

We are limited to attaching images on both iOS and Android. (Windows Phone are no longer supported)

  • For the tablet app à

For iOS and Android, it is the same case where we are limited to attaching images.

iPad à

Samsung Tab S4 à

For windows tablet, here Surface Go for e.g., user can still access files in the local storage.

Earlier users had the same experience for the Android tablets.

Also, iPad allowed attaching files from the web storage like iCloud, OneDrive etc.

which has changed with in the newer version.

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PCF Control for Email Validation using Email Validator API

The control uses the Email Validator API that checks for fake DNS and regex functions to check email for length and accepted characters.

To use the API, Login to RapidAPI and get the API Key.

Use this key for the API property required by the PCF Control to call the API.

The control will check pass on the email address and based on the response received i.e. isValid true or false, will display the appropriate message just below the field.

The Email Validator API needs to be updated as at times it will show valid domains as invalid. So will not suggest to use this in the production environment.

This control is more of an example of how we can call the APIs, get the response and show the result.

Get the source code here

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Filtering Enhancements to Views in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 1

Below are some of the enhancements added to the filtering experience for the views in 2020 Release Wave 1.

Previously to sort the records we had to click on either the sort icon or the header to sort the records.

With the 2020 Release Wave 1 clicking on the header or sort or filter symbol with open the below screen with the option of both sort and filter. Also if we see, the options to sort and filter have moved closer to the header text of the column instead of right-aligned in the previous version.

And for filtering also we had to specifically click on the filter icon earlier.

For the text field below filter options will be displayed earlier

For Wave 1 Release 2020, we need to select Filter By

And below are the filter options available for the text fields.

The most helpful here would be the addition of Contains data and Does not contain data filter.

For the Datetime field prior to Wave 1 Release 2020, we had the below very limited filter options available.

Now in Wave 1 Release 2020, we have the following filter options specific to DateTime field added

along with updated Calendar View for selecting the date

Earlier à

Now à

For Optionset fields

Earlier à

Now à

Instead of having all the options selected now it comes as unselected and to apply the filter we need to select the specific value and then click on Apply.

And select Clear Filter to clear the filtering

For Lookups à


Now à

  • For Numeric Field we now have the contains
    data and does not contain data filter options added.

These enhancements specific to filtering will definitely add to more productivity for the users.

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