Remove duplicate objects in list in C#

Just sharing a sample code to remove duplicates from a list using linq

public class MyClass
public string ID { get; set; }
public string Value { get; set; }


List<MyClass> myList = new List<MyClass>();
var xrmOptionSet = new MyClass();
xrmOptionSet.ID = "1";
xrmOptionSet.Value = "100";
var xrmOptionSet1 = new MyClass();
xrmOptionSet1.ID = "2";
xrmOptionSet1.Value = "200";
var xrmOptionSet2 = new MyClass();
xrmOptionSet2.ID = "1";
xrmOptionSet2.Value = "100";

// here we are first grouping the result by label and then picking the first item from each group
var myDistinctList = myList.GroupBy(i => i.ID)
.Select(g => g.First()).ToList();

Hope it helps..

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Fix: Invalid ‘where’ condition. An entity member is invoking an invalid property or method while using LINQ in CRM 2013.


We were writing a LINQ query to get the contract record information by passing in the lawyer name. The lawyer is a lookup in the contract record.

So we were using contract.lawyerid.Name field of lookup in our where condition.

However we got the below error while doing so..


It seems like the LINQ Implementation for CRM doesn’t correctly interpret the lookup field’s name if we are using it in the where clause.

The solution was to do a join between the entities and then use the where condition against the lawyer entity username field itself.

Hope it helps..