Setup WhatsApp Channel (Preview) in Omnichannel for Customer Service

In the previous post, we provisioned the Omnichannel for Customer Service and had configured the Chat channel.

Posts on Omnichannel for Customer Service (Dynamics 365)

In this post, we’d see how to set up the WhatsApp channel (preview)

Within the Omnichannel Administration app, navigate to Channels à WhatsApp and create a new WhatsApp account record.

Provide the required consent

As a first step, let us set up the Twilio sandbox account to be used for WhatsApp channel configuration.

Create Twilio WhatsApp account

Navigate to console and copy the value of Account SID and AUTH TOKEN

Specify Account SID and Auth token of the Twilio account created in the new WhatsApp channel record.

Saving the record will generate the Twilio inbound URL, copy that URL.

Navigate to Twilio Console à Programmable SMS à WhatsApp and activate the sandbox.

Follow the instructions to configure the sandbox.

On successful confirmation, select Sandbox in the navigation menu and paste the Twilio Inbound URL generated eariler in the “When a message comes in” text box

Back in our WhatsApp channel record, add the sandbox WhatsApp number configured

Specify the Twilio Sandbox WhatsApp number and select the out of the box WhatsApp workstream.

The default WhatsApp workstream

Next click on Validate to check the configuration

With validation successful now we are good to test it.

Send the message to the Twilio sandbox number

The agent will receive the notification from the WhatsApp channel configured.

On accepting the notification, Agent can now communicate with the visitor.

Thus, we saw how seamless it is to configure and get started with WhatsApp channel in Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Refer below blogs to learn in-depth about the Omnichannel

along with Microsoft Docs

Hope it helps..


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

9 thoughts on “Setup WhatsApp Channel (Preview) in Omnichannel for Customer Service”

  1. Hello Nishant,

    I have done all the setup mentioned in the blog but I am facing few issues:

    1. In Dynamics 365 Admin Center even if I have done the seup for all the channels for my org, in Manage Application page “Omnichannel for Customer Service” is shown as Not Configured.

    2. When I hit the generated Twilio inbound URL, it gives error { “statusCode”: 404, “message”: “Resource not found” }.

    3. When I login to “Omnichannel Customer Service App”, the presence in the top left corner show “?” instead of the Available status.

    Can you please guide me , what I am missing here?

    I found the OmniChannel feature very interesting and trying to explore it.


  2. I followed above mentioned steps and able to validate account & phone number in CRM as well but when I am sending WhatsApp message on the configured twilio number, those messages are not syncing with CRM. Im not able to view those messages in Omnichannel customer service. Could you please suggest fix for it?


  3. Hi
    I am MS CRM developer and I want to setup the WhatsApp integration with Omnichannel for customer service in dynamics 365 for the client.
    I was able to setup the Twilio sandbox and integrated with Omnichannel and when I send a message from number I used to setup the Twilio sandbox, the WhatsApp message is received in the agent dashboard but I cant send message from other phone numbers to the Twilio sandbox number.
    What is the process to setup a Twilio number for WhatsApp, so that we can message from any number to Twilio number and the messages get received in the omnichannel agent dashboard?


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