Sample code: Using jqGrid in ASP.NET page to show CRM data

Sample code: Using jqGrid in ASP.NET page to show CRM data

Just sharing a simple ASP.NET page that uses jqGrid to show contact records in CRM and allows user to search.

Here is the code (remove .doc)

Hope it helps ..


Fixed – Grid can not be used in this (‘quirks’) model in jqGrid

We got the above error in an HTML Web Resource which was using jqGrid. The page was working fine in IE 10 browser only in IE 8 we got that error.

The solution was to use the following meta tag inside the HEAD tag of the html page.


More details on this meta tag

Hope it helps.

Changing font color of a column in jqGrid.


We had a requirement to change the font color of a particular column in jqGrid. We achieved it in the following manner.

Using the formatter property

The fontColorFormat function

function fontColorFormat(cellvalue, options, rowObject) {
 var color = "blue";
 var cellHtml = "<span style='color:" + color + "' originalValue='" + cellvalue + "'>" + cellvalue + "</span>";
 return cellHtml;

Hope it helps!

Change the font size of td in jqGrid

I was using the jqGrid (4.5.2) in one of my html web resources for CRM 2011. To adjust the font size of the td of the jqGrid table, we can set the value for the following style element in ui.jqgrid.css style sheet

Or we can using the following style in the html page where we are using the jqGrid

.ui-widget-content td {

Hope it helps.

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