Approval / When a file is created (properties only) – when a file is added to the folder in the SharePoint library

Recently we had a requirement to implement an approval workflow when a document is added to a SharePoint library.

Below is how we can implement it.

Details –

Trigger – When a file is created (properties only)

Specify the Site Address, Library Name, and the Folder on which the flow should run.

Initialize Variable

Initialize a variable VarComments to save all the responses.

Start and wait for an approval

Here we have used the Approval type as Custom Response – Wait for one response, we could also Approve / Reject – First to respond or any approval type based on the requirements.

The Assigned to field contains the name of the user who needs to review it.

The item link contains the link to the item.

Enable reassignment as Yes will allow the approver to reassign the approval to another user from the Approval Center.

Apply to each

Append the approval response to the variable VarComments.


If Outcome is Approved

If Yes – Update File Properties

Update the properties of the file using the ID.

Update the Approval Comments property with the variable.

Update the status value as Approved.

Repeat the same step for any other Outcome.

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Hope it helps..


Solved – You do not have permission to open this Web site in SharePoint Designer 2013

Recently we had installed SharePoint designer 2013, and while trying to open a SharePoint online web site.

However we were getting the below error.


Installing the SharePoint designer SP 1 (64 bit in our case) fixed the issue.

Hope it helps..

Fixed – Exception calling “CreateSPNavigationNode” with “4” argument(s): Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) in SharePoint 2013

Got this error while running a PowerShell script that creates Navigation in the portal.

Adding the logged in user as to Site Collection Administrator group fixed the issue.

Hope it helps..

Fixed – An unrecoverable error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator error while uploading the profile picture in SharePoint 2013

Hi ,

got the below error while trying to upload profile picture for the user.

The reason was because no My Site was configured.

Creating a My Site site collection and specifying it as My Site Host location fixed the issue.

Profile picture getting updated.

Hope it helps..

Fixed – “There was a problem retrieving data for this field. Updating values in this field is disabled temporarily. You can still update values in the other fields” error in User Profile Service application in SharePoint 2013

Got this error while trying to edit user profile

There was no Managed Metadata Service Application configured.

Configuring it as mentioned in the post fixed the issue

Hope it helps..

Fixed: The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes while uploading attachment using CSOM in SharePoint 2013

Got below error while uploading document to SharePoint folder.

Following PowerShell script can be used to increase the limit.

$ws = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
$ws.ClientRequestServiceSettings.MaxReceivedMessageSize = 5242880
$ws.ClientRequestServiceSettings.MaxParseMessageSize  = 5242880

Hope it helps !

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