Upload files using SharePoint Integration for Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets app

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Recently I wrote a blog post that mentions a few points that we can consider while designing a solution with regards to attachments in Dynamics 365 for Phone / Tablet App.

Attachment to Notes à


Using SetWordTemplate to combine multiple attachments as a single doc à


Using the above approach, we can get the doc file attached to the notes.

However, if we try to open the file, we would get the below error message.

To get working with attachments seamlessly from the Mobile / Tablet device, we can make use of out of the box SharePoint integration feature of the product.


It will allow the user to upload any files from the local file system.

Full access to the local file system

While trying to open the word document it will open the appropriate apps installed

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How to – Use Word Template to combine multiple images attached to notes in a single document in Dynamics 365

Recently in one of our projects, we had proposed Dynamics 365 for Phone / Tablet as the device for our sales user. The user will be capturing the image of the customer’s document and will be attaching it in notes, which will then later be moved to the document management system.

Here, one of the requirements was to merge / combine all the images that are attached to the notes for a particular record into a single document.

Here we can make use of Word Template to achieve the same.

Open the entity’s (e.g. lead) record for which we want to create the word template.

  • Click on Download Template to design the word template.

  • Select Note as the related entity.

  • In the word document, go to Developer Tab and click on XML Mapping Pane ribbon button.

  • Insert a table and select its row.

  • Select the appropriate XML part from the drop down and navigate to Lead_Annotation child node in the XML Mapping section.

  • And map it to the row selected as shown below.

  • This is how the table would appear

  • Next add the documentbody à Insert Content Control à Picture to one of its columns to display the images.

  • This is how it would appear
  • We can also add additional fields of notes if needed.

  • Save the template.
  • Go to Settings à Template and upload the template.

  • To test it, let us go open the lead record which has 3 different notes with image attached as shown below.

  • Now let us generate the document based on the template uploaded.

  • The document will show all the images attached to the notes.

  • We can increase the size of the picture and remove the border from the table to make it appear better.

From Mobile –

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Get more detail on attachments here à


Generate PDFà


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Attachments to Notes in Dynamics 365 for phone and tablet app

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In one of our recent projects we were analysing the Dynamics 365 for phone and tablet app, for one of the requirements where the user will be uploading the documents through phone or tablet app as an attachment to notes.

Below were some of our findings à

  • For mobile app à

We are limited to attaching images on both iOS and Android. (Windows Phone are no longer supported)

  • For the tablet app à

For iOS and Android, it is the same case where we are limited to attaching images.

iPad à

Samsung Tab S4 à

For windows tablet, here Surface Go for e.g., user can still access files in the local storage.

Earlier users had the same experience for the Android tablets.


Also, iPad allowed attaching files from the web storage like iCloud, OneDrive etc.


which has changed with in the newer version.

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