XmlException: An error occurred while parsing EntityName in CRM Plugin

I had written a pre-update plugin, it was working properly on my environment.

But after sending it across to the client, after he had deployed it we started getting the below mentioned error.

“XmlException: An error occurred while parsing EntityName”

We were actually passing secure configuration information to the plugin in the following format








And the issue was the password that was being used, it had ‘&’ character, which we then replaced with ‘&amp;’ and the error got resolved.

Hope it helps!


Filtered Lookup in CRM 2011

To get the filtered lookup functionality in CRM 2011 we can make use of the

addCustomView Method of Xrm.Page.ui control.

Something similar to this

Here we have a custom entity name Case which has 1-n relationship with Contact Entity.

Now we want to show only those contact records in lookup which are associated with a particular case record.

We can add the code to the onload of the Entity.

// View ID --> Generate and Assign a new guid.

var viewId = "{C0F1DD64-1BF3-450D-BCDE-DF4732DE1606}";

// Set the entity name
 var entityName = "contact";
 // Give a meaningful name to the custom view
 var viewDisplayName = "Case Member View";

// Create the Advanced find query and download the fetch xml
var fetchXml = "<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='false'>" +
"<entity name='contact'>" +
"<attribute name='fullname' />" +
" <attribute name='contactid' />" +
"<order attribute='fullname' descending='false' />" +
"<filter type='and'>" +
"<condition attribute='new_caseid' operator='eq' uiname='new case' uitype='new_case' value="+caseID+"/>" +
"</filter>" +
"</entity>" +

// specify the layout for the results and which field to display
var layoutXml = "<grid name='resultset' " +
"object='1' " +
"jump='name' " +
"select='1' " +
"icon='1' " +
"preview='1'>" +
"<row name='result' " +
"id='contactid'>" +
"<cell name='fullname' " +
"width='100' />" +
"</row>" +
// specify the schemaname of the lookup control
var lookupControl = Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get('new_clientid');
// set the parameters

lookupControl.addCustomView(viewId, entityName, viewDisplayName, fetchXml, layoutXml, true);