Managing User’s Field level security profiles and Exporting the user’s Security report to CSV – New features added in User Security Manager – XrmToolBox Plugin

Last week we released the first version of the User Security Manager, you can read about its features here.

With the newer version, we have added the following features to it

Managing User’s Field Level Security

Apart from managing the Teams and the Security Roles for the user, now the tool allows us to manage the field level security profile of the user.

  • We can see all the Field Security Profile assigned to the user in the “Assigned” multi-select box.
  • The “Available” multi-select box lists all the Field Security Profile available in that instance.
  • The “All Assigned Field Level Security (Direct and Team)” list box lists down all the Field Level Security profile user is part of either directly or through the team.

  • Clicking on “>>” button, we can remove the user from the selected Field Security Profile that he is part of.

  • Clicking on the button labelled “<<“, adds a user to the selected Field Security Profile.

  • To remove all the Field Level Security profiles, we can click on “Remove All FSP” button.

User Security Report

User Security Report allows us to generate reports for security roles and field security profile assigned to the user directly or through team for all the system users or the selected system users.

To navigate to User Security Report section, click on ‘User Security Report‘ button.

To generate the report for all the users, click on Generate Report button without applying Report Filter or Selecting User.

The generated report: –

Using the tool, we can generate 3 types of reports –

  • User Role – Security Role directly assigned to the user.
  • User Team – Security Role assigned through the team.
  • User Profile – Field Security Profile assigned either directly or through the team.

To download or export the generated report in CSV, click on Generate Report button. Based on the report type selected, the report will be exported to the corresponding CSV files.

To generate a report for a specific user or set of users :-

  • Select the user(s) in the left panel
  • Check the Checked Users filter in the Report Filter section
  • Click on Generate Report button as shown below.

To exclude the column having blank values in it,

  • Check the “Exclude blank columns” option in Report Filter section
  • Click on Generate Report button.

The generated report: –

CSV Files: –

Please download or update to the latest version of the tool and provide your valuable feedback.

Hope it helps..