Plugin on AddListMembers message. When does it fire?

In one of our recent implementations involving marketing list entity, we were analysing the AddListMembers message for it.

We registered a plugin on AddListMembers message and below were our findings.

  • Dynamics Marketing List – The plugin didn’t trigger.
  • Static Marketing List – The plugin didn’t trigger for “Add using Lookup“. It only triggered for “Add using Advanced Find” when “Add only the selected members to the marketing list” option was selected. It didn’t trigger for “Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list


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So basically, we need to be very careful while implementing a plugin on AddListMembers message.

Hope it helps..

Cleared MB2-876 Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 exam.


Today i got a chance to take the extension exam and was able to clear it. There were 48 questions with passing marks of 700 and 145 minutes to answer them.

The question were mostly straightforward, very few questions were there which were scenario based. It was fairly easy exam when compared to other CRM 2011 exam.