Enhancements in Knowledge capabilities in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – 2020 Release Wave 1

With 2020 Release Wave 1 we have few enhancements added to the knowledge management aspect.

We can see Link, Opening the record in new window, Send Email options being to the title of the results.

  • Link the article to the record

  • Open the article in the new window – This is the new option added.

  • Link and send the article via email

In the previous version, we had Link\Unlink, Email and Send URL option.

These options have been now moved to the top right along with title which allows for more articles to be visible than the previous version in the results.

  • Knowledge Search can now be performed outside of the context of the case record, for this Knowledge Search option is added to the navigation in the Customer service hub.

In the previous version à

In current 2020 Release wave 1 à

The above enhancements would help in improving the productivity of the users.

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Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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