Update/Upsert operation is not supported in non-transaction mode error in Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector of Informatica Cloud

Few weeks back while working on a migration project in which we were using Informatica Cloud’s Dynamics 365 for Sales connector, we used to get the below error while trying to perform the Upsert operation in Batch.

“In CRM WRITER_1_*_1> CCI_WRITER_1000 [ERROR] Update/Upsert operation is not supported in non-transaction mode. “

For this we had raised a support ticket with Informatica. The response we got was that this feature will be available in the new IICS Platform.

So recently we migrated to IICS from ICS and were glad to see this feature available i.e. “performing Upsert operation in Batch“.

Few other enhancements in the connector includes

Get all the details here


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Using Alternate Key to Upsert\Update using Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector of Infomatica Cloud

To update or upsert a record inside CRM using Alternate Key in Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector we need to define Alternate Key Property of Microsoft Dynamics CRM advanced target properties.

Suppose we have the following alternate key defined in CRM

Here we need to use the Name attribute of the key as shown below

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Using Alternate key in the Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector in Informatica Cloud

In our recent project we were using Dynamics 365 for Sales Connector of Informatica Cloud to push data into CRM from SQL DB.

To update the lookup instead of using GUID we decided to us the Alternate Key.

From the below KB article, it looks like the older version of the informatica connector wasn’t supporting the Alternate Key


However, the newer and the recent version of the connector based which is based on Web API supports the alternate key.

To set the alternate key we basically need to use the below syntax,




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