Power Apps grid control in Model-driven apps (Dynamics 365 / CRM)

Power Apps grid control is a new read-only control, now auto-enabled as part of 2022 Release Wave 1 for Model-driven apps.

We can also enable it by navigating to Customization, selecting the entity, then the Controls tab, and clicking on Add Control option.

Select the Power Apps Grid control.

Here we have enabled it for the Web.

The different properties that can be set for the control are –

  • Jump bar – this will be disabled by default.
  • Reflow behavior
  • Allow filtering

With Jump bar disabled –

Enable the jump bar.

After enabling the jump bar, we get the option to filter by alphabets.

It will also support Infinite Scrolling

We can use Edit Columns to add, remove and order the columns for the view

Edit Filters allows us to edit the filters.

Any changes made to the column or filter can be saved as a personal view.

Also, Grid remembers the context, here we have filtered the record by search text = “Blue”

Let us open the first record.

On navigating back, the context is retained.

We can also show and hide the Edit Columns and Edit filters option on views from Power Platform Admin Center >> [Environment] >> Settings >> Features >> Grid and Views section

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Manage and share views in Modern Advanced Find – Dataverse (Dynamics 365 / CRM)

Let us have a quick look at this new feature introduced as part of 2022 Release Wave 1.

Make sure we have updated the environment to 2022 Release Wave 1.

Then navigate to [Environment] >> Settings >> Features

Switch On – Modern Advanced Find and Allow users to hide system view 

Reset Default View
is the only option available before we switch on the Modern Advanced find feature.

After enabling the Modern Advanced Find feature

We get the option to Search Views as well as Manage and share views

Search Views – It allows us to filter / search within the views.

Manage and share views – It opens the dialog listing the views.

We can sort by

  • Personal before system, A to Z
  • System before personal, A to Z
  • A to Z

To hide a view we can select hover and select the option to hide.

With Allow users to hide system views  option switched on, the user has the option to hide system view also, else he could only hide the personal views.

For System Views, we have the option to either Hide or Set as a default view.

For Personal Views, we have more options like 

Hide, Set as default view, Share etc. as shown below.

Learn everything about the new Modern Advanced Find View  – https://jukkaniiranen.com/2022/02/modern-advanced-find-test-drive/


Hope it helps..

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