Improved duplicate detection and merge experience in Dynamics 365 for Sales– 2020 Release Wave 2

2020 Release Wave 2 brings improvement in duplicate detection and merge capabilities.

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To enable it, navigate to – Settings > Data Management > Duplicate Detection Settings

Enable it –

With this enabled, the user can see why a record is being flagged as duplicate, it also allows users to merge the record using the improved Merge dialog box while the record is being added, updated, or quailed as in case of lead.

On creating a duplicate contact record with the same last name and first name, the dialog box opens up.

We can select any of the matched records and click on the Merge button to merge it.

We can see the different options within the merge dialog box.

Selecting the appropriate options, and clicking on Ok merges the record.

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Pause and resume enhancements in SLA in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 2

The way we currently configure Pause and Resume for an SLA is by setting the Allow Pause and Resume field to Allow.

And within the Service Tab of System Settings, we can define the status values on which the SLA calculation should get paused at the entity level.

So basically, the SLA will be paused for the case record with status as either On Hold and Waiting for Details as we have defined below.

As soon as we change the status to Researching, the timer resumes

With 2020 Release Wave 2, we can now configure Pause Criteria at the SLA Item level, which overrides the criteria defined at the SLA / Entity level as defined above.

Toggle Override Criteria field

We can define the criteria as shown below using the condition builder.

Here we have defined the condition for SLA to be paused in case of case type Request.

Save and activate the SLA.

Let us now create a new case to see it in action.

We can see the SLA timer running.

Update the case type to Request and save.

As expected, we can see the SLA paused

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Sub grid and form tabs improvements in Power Apps Mobile App

There are couple of improvements in user experience for sub grids and form tab in Power Apps Mobile app.

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  • Headers are more protruding for sub grid to separate it from rest of the sections of the form.
  • There is also an option (+ New Case – below) to add new record inline for empty sub grids.

  • Commands on sub grid opens as a drawer from the bottom of the screen.

  • Form tabs can be scrolled horizontally and selecting the tab automatically adjusts the header.

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App Switcher, Back option and other changes in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 2

Below are some of the updates in the product as part of 2020 Release Wave 2.

  • To switch between the Dynamics 365 Apps, we need to click on down arrow icon next to Dynamics 365.

With 2020 Release Wave 2, we can click on the app name i.e. which opens up the pop-up windows listing all the apps.

We can search, create a new app, assign roles, filter etc.

Earlier to access the same we had to navigate to Advanced Settings à Apps

  • Next is the change in the Breadcrumb navigation

Is now seems to be replaced with the back button functionality

  • Also the User Account menu has also been updated earlier,

and now in 2020 Release Wave 2

View account takes user to the My Account page in Office 365


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Queue Item details change in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 2

Queue Item details for a Queue Item earlier used to open in a new window.

Thus losing the context

2020 Release Wave 2 provides an immersive experience for the agents, as the queue item details open in the context of the parent window.

Small but nice update for the agents.

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Refer to below articles to understand more on Queues

MB2-714 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service) : Queue Management

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Email experience now available in Dynamics 365 Mobile App – 2020 Release Wave 2

With 2020 Release Wave 2, users can now finally compose, edit, and send emails from the Dynamics 365 Mobile App.

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Now mobile users can –

  • Compose and send email from Dynamics 365 Mobile app

Navigate to Activities menu from the home page.

We can see the Email entity added there.

Clicking on it allows us to compose an email from within the app.

We have the full email editor formatting available.

We also have the functionality of inserting template, signature, knowledge article, etc. available.

We can also create email records from within the Timeline section.

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