How to – Delete Components from Managed Solution in Dynamics CRM 2016 without using Holding Solution.

Before the updates that we have received for solution in CRM 2016 the only way to delete components from managed solution was to use Holding Solution.

The following post nicely explains this.

Now let us see how we can do this in CRM 2016 without using Holding Solution.

Suppose below is our managed solution that includes 2 Action, 2 Entity, 2 SLA, 2 Workflow.

Entity 2 with two forms.

Entity 2 with 2 Views.

Entity 2 with two Fields.

Now import this solution as managed in destination org.

Now suppose we do not want following components in our Destination org – action 2, dashboard 2, Report 2, Security Role 2, Workflow 2 etc. along with View 2, Field 2 and Form 2 for Entity 2.

We remove some of the components and delete (field, form etc.) from our unmanaged solution (named Core Solution) which we had imported as Managed in our Destination Org.

Deleted View 2

Deleted Field 2

Now click on “Clone to Solution“. (This will increment the version number.)

Now import this updated solution to our destination organization, and select “Stage for Upgrade

Click on “Apply Solution Upgrade

This will remove the components from our destination org.

The helpful post

Hope it helps..


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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