Replicate / Export Dynamics 365 (CDS) data – different options

The most common use case to export Dynamics 365 or Common Data Service data to an external database/datastore is to have more control over the data (without going through API route) with the ability to run analytics such as Power BI Reporting, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, Integration, etc. For analytics, we can also use our … Continue reading “Replicate / Export Dynamics 365 (CDS) data – different options”

Scribe Insight Limitation – XML Source doesn’t support repeating sibling nodes

Recently we were evaluating Scribe Insight as our Integration tool for one of our clients. The requirement was to read an xml and create records in Dynamics 365 CE. The basic structure was something like below, with Account as the parent tag and Payment, Assets, Consumer as repeating child nodes of Account i.e. 1 – … Continue reading “Scribe Insight Limitation – XML Source doesn’t support repeating sibling nodes”

Working with OptionSet \ Picklist in Scribe Online

Scribe Online makes it very easy to work with OptionSets while writing Integration and Replication solutions. While creating the Dynamics 365 CE connection we can check the Include Picklist Display Names checkbox. Scribe generates a corresponding field schemaname_displayname that holds the label for the corresponding option set. Within our Query Block inside an integration type … Continue reading “Working with OptionSet \ Picklist in Scribe Online”

Scribe Online – XML to Dynamics 365 CE

Follow the earlier posts to create the Scribe Online trial and steps to create an integration solution. Below is our sample XML file that holds the contact information that we want to create inside Dynamics 365 CE For creating XML connection, we need the XSD file. So let us generate the XSD file using the … Continue reading “Scribe Online – XML to Dynamics 365 CE”

Connect to Dynamics 365 through Script Component – SSIS

For complex data migration requirements, usually we’d be using 3rd party tools like KingswaySoft or Scribe, or Informatica as they already have components (connection, transformation, source, destination etc.) built for Dynamics 365 instead of building our own. Check other posts on data migration For some simple / basic requirements instead of using 3rd … Continue reading “Connect to Dynamics 365 through Script Component – SSIS”

Scribe Online – Working with Upsert Block in Dynamics 365 CE

Continuing our previous posts on Scribe Online, let us look at the Upsert block for Dynamics 365 CRM Connector. The way it works is à The Upsert block will have a field called alternatekeyname where we need to provide the name of the alternate key as shown below. In CRM à Along with passing the … Continue reading “Scribe Online – Working with Upsert Block in Dynamics 365 CE”