Notes on Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets app – Part 4 (Entity Configuration)

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Continuing the previous post,

Now let us see how do we enable a specific entity for mobile.

To begin with, let us first create a custom entity named Test. For now, let us leave the Enable for mobile option unchecked.

[Update – Enable for mobile has been renamed to Enable for Unified client]


We have created a new model-driven app and added that entity in the sitemap.

Let us publish the changes and try accessing the app from Dynamics 365 mobile app.

Even without checking “Enable for mobile” option, the Entity is available as it is part of Model-Driven App and we are accessing it using System Administrator that has rights on both the app as well the custom entity.

Now let us check that option along with read-only option on the custom entity and publish the changes

This setting makes the entity as read-only for the user (even System Administrator)

Now let us update the site map, add the same entity inside sub-area, also create a new group and new area and add the same entity.

Let us save and publish the changes and see how it gets rendered inside the mobile app.

Below how it displays the navigation, exactly as specified in the Sitemap, inside Dynamics 365 for the Tablet app and Phone app.

Microsoft Documentations says

which it seems it doesn’t apply with the Model-Driven app anymore.

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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