Notes on Rollup Fields in CRM 2015

Data Types and Function Supported

  • Whole Number à SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT
  • Decimal NumberàSUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT
  • CurrencyàSUM, MIN, MAX
  • Date and TimeàMIN,MAX

Creating a Rollup Field

Check how many task activity are open for a particular contact record.

Click on Edit

Select Task as related entity.

Set Filters to Open Task

Specify Count as Aggregation.

Add the field to Contact form.

Click on Recalculate will show the count.

On Adding a Task and recalculating

Two new field State and Last Updated On are also created along with the roll up field. Adding them on form.

Different State value

0 Not Calculated
1 Calculated
2 Overflow Error
3 Other Error
4 Retry Limit Exceeded
5 Hierarchical Recursion Limit Reached
6 Loop Detected


  • Aggregated by System Account.
  • Read Only Field.
  • Asynchronous job runs approximately every 12 hours else it can be run manually using Recalculate button.


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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