Creating custom views on Survey in Sharepoint

For other lists within sharepoint we have an option of
creating our own custom views.


However we have no such option in case of Survey. To create
our own custom view in case of survey we can do the following

First get the id of your survey. For this select view source
of the following page

of your survey.

You can get the id of the survey at following line


The id of the survey list is – 545889cc%2D1be0%2D463d%2Dbaa2%2D6dbec360ba68



%2D is equal to

Now we need the url where in we
will use the above list id for creating custom view

For this create a simple IssueTracking
list or any other list for which we have an option of creating custom view.

Now select setting–>create
view for that newly created list

Copy the url


Get this much part of the url


%7B is equal to {

%7D is equal to }

Modify it in the following manner



http:// servername:12345:12345/_layouts/ViewType.aspx?List={545889cc-1be0-463d%2Dbaa2-6dbec360ba68}

i.e replace the list id.

Now you should be able to create your own custom views on surveys


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

26 thoughts on “Creating custom views on Survey in Sharepoint”

  1. Hello! I just created and tested a survey and the results can been seen by all. How do I keep the survey answers private? When I change the item level permissions to “Read responses that were created by the user” I get the following:

    Cannot change item-level permissions because this list or document library contains a column that enforces unique values.

    Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

    Correlation ID: 8484215c-9fb0-4494-9cd0-bb69f5c8c520


    1. Select the view and from the site settings dropdown select “Edit page”. Edit the web part and under the “Selected View” dropdown click the “Edit the current view” link. This allows you to edit or delete the view.


  2. Why not just open the survey in SharePoint Designer 2010 and use the views box (top left) to create new views AND delete old views?

    1 Open SP Designer and open site.
    2 Select Lists and Libraries
    3 Select your survey
    4 In the views box, click new
    5 In the views box, highlight the view you dont want, and press delete.

    No need to worry adout GUIDs at all. 🙂


    1. I know the activity on this blog post is old, but I thought I’d update in case anyone comes across the blog (as I did) and has the same question you did. I found I could edit the view by using this hyperlink:


      You would, of course, be using your own list and view IDs in the curly brackets. Finding the list ID was a bit tricky. I used SharePoint Designer (which you can download from Microsoft for free). I navigated to the view I created and found a line of code that included the view ID after View Name, e.g.,

      <View Name=”{AC368947-2B0D-4642-BAAD-8DB914360A09}”


    1. I got the view to create, but I can’t actually visit the page. When I select it from the View dropdown, it loads the Overview page (even though my view shows as selected in the dropdown). Any ideas?


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