How to – Change the display name of user in Microsoft 365

Recently we had to update the display name of one of the users.

Below are the steps to achieve the same –

Login to Microsoft 365 admin center with System Administrator account.

Navigate to Active Users

Select the user, click on ellipsis () and select Manage Contact Information

Edit the details and click on Save changes.

After successful update.

We can see the display name changed for the user and the same reflected at other places immediately.

Hope it helps..


How to – Find the Subscription ID of your Microsoft products (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan)

Recently we were asked to provide the Subscription Id of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan our organization had purchased.

To find the same, follow the below steps

Login to Microsoft Office admin center with administrator account

Quick reference – Admin Center URL(s) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Power Platform)

Navigate to Billing >> Your products and select / click on the product.

Copy the id from the URL, which will be the subscription id.

Hope it helps..

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