Fixed – Monitor taking too long to show display

Was using a BenQ GW280T monitor, which I had bought 10 years back around December of 2011. AT the time of writing it is almost 10 years for it. The monitor had been working flawlessly till last month., when it suddenly started taking around 2-3 minutes to show the display. The main power button’s light will flicker on and off till then. 2-3 minutes continued for the next 10 days or so and then then the duration increased to and then approximately around 10 minutes for some 15-20 days.

However, right now, it has started taking around 4-5 hours, directly from 10 minutes.

Took it to the nearest repair shop, who mentioned that the issue was because of the failure of the capacitor. The repair took 1000 rupees (approx 14 USD) and the Monitor was up and running again. So if you are also facing the similar issue, better get it repaired instead of buying a new one.

Hope it helps..



Fixed – Taskbar overlapping / showing in Full Screen in Windows 10

Occasionally we will face the issue where the Taskbar is overlapping the maximized screen / full screen.

The trick that has always worked for us is to open the Task Manager (right click the tool bar and select Task manager)

Right click and Restart the Windows Explorer.

Hope it helps..

Fixed – Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete – Windows 10

Hi all, sharing the recent experience with the below error

A couple of days back my laptop, unfortunately, got slipped from my hand, and then on starting the laptop gave the below messages

  • “Preparing automatic repair.” then
  • “Diagnosing your PC.” then
  • “Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.”

After waiting for almost 6 hours, the message was still the same.

Another error that I got performing the Hard drive self-test from BIOS was

“Hard Disk Short DST: Failed”

Restarting and trying the below Advanced Options also didn’t work

There was no restore point found, the factory reset also failed.

Reset continued till 30 % and then rolled back.

Running in safe mode brought the same Repairing disk error message.

Running check disk command

chkdsk c: /r and /f displayed

File record segment is an unreadable error.

The only option left was to take it to the local repair shop who checked the health of the disk which was showing around 57 %.

The only fix that worked here was a clean install of Windows 10 and considering the health of the disk eventually replaced the disk as well. (HDD with SDD)

Hope it helps..


Fixed – Copy Paste not working in Remote Desktop Connection – Windows 10

Copy and Paste which was working as usual suddenly stopped working one fine day.

Other common Windows issue –RDP not saving credentials

Had the following setting enabled

Restarted the following process on the remote machine, but that also didn’t help.


Finally updating the following setting on the remote machine helped fix the issue

Go to command prompt – open Local Group Policy Editor


Navigate to: Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Remote Desktop Services \ Remote Desktop Session Hosts \ Device and Resource Redirection \ Do not allow clipboard redirection

Although it was not configured so it should not have affected the setting, however explicitly set is as Disabled.

Restart the remote server. This fixed the issue. (do the same for the client machine as well if that doesn’t work).

Hope it helps..



Fixed NSIS Error – Error Launching installer in Windows 10.

Recenlty I bought Shanling M0 DAP, and while trying to run the setup.exe for its USD DAC Driver I got the below error.

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a tool that allows programmers to create installers for Windows. It is released under an open source license and is completely free for any use

The issue could be because of the setup file failing the self-check. So, installing it might not be successful, and could lead to other problems if continued.

This self-check can be skipped by running the setup through command line using /NCRC command line switch.

/NCRC disables the CRC check, unless CRCCheck force was used in the script.

Running through command line with NCRC switch allowed the driver to be installed.

Hope it helps..

Fixed – Windows 10 Remote Desktop (RDP) not saving credentials.

Recently even after saving the credentials in connection settings to an RDP file, every time we were opening it, it was asking us to enter the password.

The below steps helped us to fix the issue.

Open Windows Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) from the command prompt.

Go to Local Computer Policy – Administrative Templates – System – Credentials Delegation.

Click on Allow delegating fresh credentials, select the option Enabled. Click on Show button and add the value TERMSRV/*

Repeat the step for

  • Allow delegating fresh credentials with NTML – Only server authentication
  • Allow delegation saved credentials
  • Allow delegating saved credentials with NTML – Only server authentication

Then open Credential Manager from the command prompt and a windows credential.

Add a generic credential as shown below


Lastly make sure prompt for credentials is set to 0.

After making these changes we were able take RDP to the server without it asking for password.

Hope it helps..

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