Business Process Flow Client Side Script Reference in CRM 2015

Sharing a mind map for quick and easy reference of new methods added for Business Process Flow in CRM 2015

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Hide and Collapse/Expand Process using JavaScript in CRM 2015

Expand/Collapse Process

Xrm.Page.ui.process.setDisplayState(“collapsed”); // “expanded”


Hide Process from form


My Notes on Business Process Flow in CRM 2015

  • In CRM 2013 we were restricted to only those Entities that were 1: n related.
  • In CRM 2015 we can select any entity on which Business Process Flow is enabled.
  • Here test is an entity which has business process flow enabled, however it is not related to Contact record i.e. our primary entity

  • The same restriction of having only 5 entities applies to CRM 2015 also.

  • The entity relationships supported are of type 1: n only and it is optional.
  • Each process can have maximum 30 stages.
  • And each stage can have maximum 30 steps.
  • There can only be one active process at a time.
  • No closed entity loop, the entity used earlier can be referenced again.


Branching in Business Process Flows in CRM 2015

CRM 2015 now provides rule based branching support for Business Process Flow.

In CRM 2013

In CRM 2015

Using Add branch we can add conditions (rules)

Rule can govern the next stage in the business process flow.

For. e.g.

Based on the value specified for Address 1: Country field we can change the next Stage dynamically in the Business Process Flow.

Here if Country specified is India or China we change the Stage to “Stage Asia” and specify the Address1: Street 2 field to be mandatory.

If not then next Stage is set to “Stage ROW”, which expects value for Address 1: Street 3.

Inside the form, the next Stage changes dynamically based on value specified for country field.


We can combine multiple if and else conditions, however each branch cannot be more than 5 level deep i.e. cannot add more than 5 conditions for a particular  branch.

Hope it helps..

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