Replicate / Export Dynamics 365 (CDS) data – different options

The most common use case to export Dynamics 365 or Common Data Service data to an external database/datastore is to have more control over the data (without going through API route) with the ability to run analytics such as Power BI Reporting, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, Integration, etc.

For analytics, we can also use our Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI apps that use Dynamics 365 data as a source

Below listing down few of the options –

Data Export Service – Configuration

It is a free Add on-service provided by Microsoft for exporting Dynamics 365 or CDS Data to Microsoft Azure SQL Database or Microsoft Azure SQL Server on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine.

Microsoft recommends Azure SQL Database Premium P1 or a better plan for Data Export Service

Notes on Data Export Service – 

Export to Data Lake Service – Configuration

The service enables continuous replication of CDS Data to Azure Data Lake Gen 2.

Few posts on Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Factory – GUI based integration tool

Cloud-based integration service.

Check out the informative posts on Azure Data Factory –

We can also run SSIS Packages on Azure Data Factory

Scribe Online Replication Services – GUI based integration tool

Cloud-based integration service.

Another option is to use Scribe Insight

Skyvia’s Data Integration service


Cloud-based integration service.

Another GUI based integration tool that can be considered is Informatica

KingswaySoft Integration Components – SSIS

Leading data integration software – provide SSIS components to integrate applications/databases.

Another SSIS based option is CozyRoc

Or we can use Script Component instead of using 3rd party components/ tool

More on SSIS and Dynamics 365

Use SQL to query CDS data (Preview)

The capability to query CDS Data.

Check out all the articles on CDS T-SQL

Query CDS data using Web API / Organization Service – Development

Write a custom tool using Dynamics 365 APIs

Hope it helps..


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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