Using KingswaySoft Azure Blob Storage component with Dynamics 365

KingswaySoft provides 3 components specific to Azure Blog Storage

  • Azure Blob Connection Manager
  • Azure Blob Storage Source
  • Azure Blob Storage Destination

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Let us take a simple example where we are extracting \ reading contact data from Dynamics 365 \ CDS and saving it as a text file in Azure Blob Storage.

Create a new SSIS Package, and drag the Dynamics CRM Source component to it.

(Define the connection to Dynamics CRM instance using Dynamics CRM Connection Manager)

We have selected emailaddress1, first name, and the last name attributes.

Next drag an Azure Blob Destination Component, we will first define the connection to Azure Storage first

Navigate to the Access keys in the existing Storage account to get the account name and the key (or create a new Storage account)

Paste the values and test the connection.

Below we have specified the name of the existing Blob Container, the name of the file to be created there along with the format.

The mapping column will have the mappings defined

Let us execute the package

We can see the file created in the Blob storage

We can see it populated with the source columns specified in CRM Source component.

Similarly using the Azure Blog Source component, we can read the files and can use it for any destination component including Dynamics 365 Destination.

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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