Transfer files from local drive to Azure Blob using Azure Blob Upload Task – SSIS

Similar to Premium File Transfer Task,

The Azure Blob Upload Task component can be used to easily transfer files from local drive to Azure Blob storage.

Let us take a simple example to see it in action.

Here we will pick the folder Customer and its subfolders along with the files inside it and will move it or transfer to the Azure Blob Container.

Create a new SSIS Package and drag the Azure Blob Upload Task to the control flow designer.

Double click the task and specify the following values as shown below

AzureStorageConnection – specify the SSIS Connection Manager for Azure Storage.

Blob Container – the name of the existing blob container

Local Directory – the local directory containing the files to be uploaded.

Search Recursively – specify whether to search for files within Sub-directories.

File Name – specify the pattern for the files to be selected.

Time Range from/to – to pick files modified within that range.

Let us execute the package.

We can see the content transferred successfully to Azure Blog storage


Also, check out –

Using Azure Blob Storage component with Dynamics 365

Hope it helps..

For SharedAccessSignature -specify following details

Account Name – Storage Account Name, Name of blob in the Blob Path.

Select appropriate permissions and Generate SAS Token for the blob, copy and paste the Blob SAS Token in the Token in the connection editor above.

Test Connection –

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

3 thoughts on “Transfer files from local drive to Azure Blob using Azure Blob Upload Task – SSIS”

  1. Hi Nishant,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Could you please also explain how to transfer files to blob using Azure Blob Upload Task – Shared Access Signature as Authentication Type


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