“Save and New” button in CRM 2013.

After upgrading the existing CRM 2011 solution to CRM 2013 we found out that Save and New button is missing while creating related child records.

The way we got it back was to open the solution in Ribbon Workbench and Customizing the command for Save and New button.


And removing the Mscrm.HideOnCommandBar rule.



Hope it helps.

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

9 thoughts on ““Save and New” button in CRM 2013.”

  1. We did this, and found that some forms in CRM break when you use Save & New. If you Save & New from a campaign activity, the currency field breaks for some reason! It works fine for Campaign. Anyone else experience this?


    1. Yes. Save & New on opportunity product breaks with the following error (see below “Message from webpage”) whenever I try selecting an existing product. It seems there is some fundamental prerequisite form data missing.

      Can anyone suggest a workaround?

      Message from webpage
      There was an error with this field’s customized event.



      Error:Unable to get property ‘0’ of undefined or null reference


  2. Hi,

    Great article. This is what i was looking for. But to get back Save & new would you be able to help me with step by step. If you say customize it did not help me much. I am wondering where from you have got that Save & new image and Did you add a new button or is there something which is ready but it is hidden.

    Please provide me few more details.

    Thank you


      1. Hi Nishant,

        Thanks for your quick reply. As you said i have installed Ribbon Work Bench and created a solution with my custom entity and open ribbon bench.. But my bad i did not Save and New on any tab. Is it something that we can see this Save and New button only for system entities or are there any limitations?

        I could not insert image here… But i dont see Save and New button to customize it, Instead i can see

        New, Edit, Activate, DeActive, Delete and others….

        Are these depends on Auto Save enabling /Disbaling?

        Your help is appreciated..!

        Thank you,


      2. Hi Nishant

        Its same issue for me as Vasu is facing
        I am trying to add Save and new on Opportunity product
        But cannot see when I try to look using Ribbon Workbench.

        Any idea if its a different behaviour for different entities ?


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