Searching SharePoint 2013 online portal from within CRM 2011 online


  1. Open the SharePoint Site and create a custom Web Part Page using SharePoint Designer 2013

  1. Edit the created page in Advanced Mode

  1. Add the AllowFraming tag to the web part page to allow the page to be iframed from within CRM’s Form

Select preview in browser



  1. Select Page à Edit Page



  1. Add Search Web Parts


  • Search Box in the Header
  • Refinement in the Left Column
  • Search Results in the Body


  1. Note the url of the Custom Search Page

  1. Now we can use the above url in the Iframe within our CRM. Here k would be the query string parameter to which search keyword would be passed. We can dynamically set the value of the parameter k through JavaScript in the onload of a particular entity’s form to display the corresponding results in the CRM.

  1. Search page within Case Form in CRM

Hope it helps.





Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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