Sample code to update user’s calendar programmatically (work hours) in CRM 2011


Below is the code that we can use to update user’s work hours for a specific day. Here we are setting the work hours of the user to be starting from 2 to ending at 7 p.m. for 1st of April.

IServiceManagement orgServiceManagement =
 ServiceConfigurationFactory.CreateManagement(new Uri(""));

AuthenticationCredentials authCredentials = new AuthenticationCredentials();
 authCredentials.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "";
 authCredentials.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "password";
 AuthenticationCredentials tokenCredentials = orgServiceManagement.Authenticate(authCredentials);

OrganizationServiceProxy organizationProxy = new OrganizationServiceProxy(orgServiceManagement, tokenCredentials.SecurityTokenResponse);
 // Get the user id
 Guid userid = ((WhoAmIResponse)organizationProxy.Execute(new WhoAmIRequest())).UserId;

// Get the calendar id of the user
 Entity systemUserEntity = organizationProxy.Retrieve("systemuser", userid, new ColumnSet(new String[] { "calendarid"}));

// Retrieve the calendar of the user
 Entity userCalendarEntity = organizationProxy.Retrieve("calendar", ((Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EntityReference)(systemUserEntity.Attributes["calendarid"])).Id, new ColumnSet(true));

// Retrieve the calendar rules defined in the calendar
 EntityCollection calendarRules = (EntityCollection)userCalendarEntity.Attributes["calendarrules"];

// Create a new inner calendar
 Entity newInnerCalendar = new Entity("calendar");
 newInnerCalendar.Attributes["businessunitid"] = new EntityReference("businessunit", ((Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EntityReference)(userCalendarEntity["businessunitid"])).Id);
 Guid innerCalendarId = organizationProxy.Create(newInnerCalendar);

// Create a new calendar rule and assign the inner calendar id to it
 Entity calendarRule = new Entity("calendarrule");
 calendarRule.Attributes["duration"] = 1440;
 calendarRule.Attributes["extentcode"] = 1;
 calendarRule.Attributes["pattern"] = "FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=1";
 calendarRule.Attributes["rank"] = 0;
 calendarRule.Attributes["timezonecode"] = 190;
 calendarRule.Attributes["innercalendarid"] = new EntityReference("calendar", innerCalendarId);

// starting at 12:00 on 1 April
 calendarRule.Attributes["starttime"] = new DateTime(2013, 4, 2,0,0,0,DateTimeKind.Utc);

// assign all the calendar rule back to the user calendar
 userCalendarEntity.Attributes["calendarrules"] = calendarRules;
 // update the user calendar entity that has the new rule

Entity calendarRule1 = new Entity("calendarrule");

// duration of 5 hours
 calendarRule1.Attributes["duration"] = 300;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["effort"] = 1.0;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["issimple"] = true;

// offset 120 i.e. 2 hours from start time (12:00)
 calendarRule1.Attributes["offset"] = 120;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["rank"] = 0;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["subcode"] = 1;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["timecode"] = 0;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["timezonecode"] = -1;
 calendarRule1.Attributes["calendarid"] = new EntityReference("calendar", innerCalendarId);

EntityCollection innerCalendarRules = new EntityCollection();
 innerCalendarRules.EntityName = "calendarrule";

newInnerCalendar.Attributes["calendarrules"] = innerCalendarRules;
 newInnerCalendar.Attributes["calendarid"] = innerCalendarId;

Hope it helps.

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

5 thoughts on “Sample code to update user’s calendar programmatically (work hours) in CRM 2011”

  1. hello
    I got the error “this operation is not supported” ErrorCode: -2147220989, in the line
    //update the user calendar entity that has the new rule

    Could you help me?


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