Export SSRS report as a proper PDF file

After we have created a report in SSRS, if we try to export it in PDF, we could find that our report might not be properly getting rendered in PDF. Instead of fitting in a single page, some part of the report may show up as a second page of the PDF.

These are things we need to keep in mind if we want to render our report properly in a single page

1. Click on Report > Report Properties > Layout tab
2. Make a note of the values for Page width, Left margin, Right margin
3. Close and go back to the design surface
4. In the Properties window, select Body
5. Click the + symbol to expand the Size node
6. Make a note of the value for Width
To render in PDF correctly Body Width + Left margin + Right margin must be less than or equal to Page width. When you see blank pages being rendered it is almost always because the body width plus margins is greater than the page width.
Remember: (Body Width + Left margin + Right margin) <= (Page width)

Below is the link where I got the solution.


Hope it helps.


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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