Nice post – Developing plug-in for CRM 4


While browsing found this wonderful articl, do check it



Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

5 thoughts on “Nice post – Developing plug-in for CRM 4”

  1. Thanks Nishant. I also need the same functionality in the starting of the installer. So if user is not there in D.A. group then dont allow him to proceed further. This time I think the above idea wont work. because after taking the credentials we will register the product and that time only the above logic will work.. but I need it before that..


  2. The functionlity is registering and unregistering the plug-in through code. So when user click on register/ unregister a plug-in , I need to check whether the user is there in deployment administrator’s group. if he is not a part of that group then do not allow to go ahead with the process.

    I checked on net and found a blog which says systemuser table in MSCRM_CONFIG db stores the info. and when I checked there the name field remains filled if the user is there in deployment admin group. One solution is to check the name field empty for that user but I think its not a good solution as to direct access the config DB and second the logic is not good .. that might be pos. that the value in the name field may get filled/ use for some other purpose.


    1. I was just checking the same i.e. systemuser table in mscrm_config.

      So when a user clicks on register/unregister button you need to check if the user is a deployment administrator or not.

      One solution like you said would be to check against the systemuser table.
      Other option would be to let the user click on it and if he isn’t the deployment administrator an exception would be raised, which you could catch and provide appropriate message, just like plugin registration tool.


  3. Hi Nishant,

    I Need one help.

    To register a plug- in, a user should be a part of deployment admin group right?

    I want the list of users who has been added in deployment administrators group. Is it possible through webservice? If so what request should be made to retrieve it?



    1. For deployment manager we do have a web service in CRM 4 i.e. CrmDeploymentService.
      But it seems that there are no request classes in it which could fetch us the name of all the deployment administrators.
      It has got request classes which provide information about the organizations.

      But i am still looking into it !!!
      Let’s hope there is someway of finding that out 🙂

      And could i know why you need that informaion?


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