Adv Hands On Lab 5: Embedding PowerApps into Power BI

Step by step guide for embedding PowerApps within Power BI.

Key points to consider –



Power BI Dashboard

In this lab, you will create a Power BI dashboard with an embedded PowerApp. The final product will look like the image below.

Exercise 1: Build Power BI Report

High level tasks

    Task 1: Connect to PowerBI and enable sample data. Build PowerBI report

    Task 2: Import PowerApp visual for use in report

Task 1: Build Report

In this task, you will build the Power BI Report.

  1. Navigate to and click Sign in.
  2. At the bottom of the left navigation, click Get Data
  3. Select Samples.

  1. Select the Retail Analysis Sample.

  1. Connect.

  1. Your sample dataset will take a moment to load.

  1. Expand My Workspace and click to on the Retail Analysis Sample under the Datasets. If you have completed the prior steps and do not see this sample, refresh your browser.

  1. Go to the Fields pane, expand the Store table, and select the

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Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

One thought on “Adv Hands On Lab 5: Embedding PowerApps into Power BI”

  1. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks for sharing this info on the Power BI & PowerApps integration.

    Couple of Qs :

    1. For the other scenario of embedding Power BI Dashboard in PowerApps there is no system level dashboard available. All users need to manually embed the same. (Is it because of the security reasons)

    2. What is the refresh schedule of PowerBI report based on CDS – can the dataset be refreshed real time or it is scheduled using Power Automate ?.

    Thank you


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