Case: Merged vs. Child Cases

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We will go back to the basics and see one of the basic features of case entity which is confusing at times to the beginners, Merged Case vs. Child Case. What are they? Why and when to use them?

Merge Case:

What is Merged Case?

  • When a case is merged, the state of the case is changed to cancelled, and the status is changed to merged. All of the open case activities, emails, and attachments that a case has are now associated with the case it is merged into.
  • When you merge a case that has child cases, those child cases become child cases of the new parent case they get merged into.


  • Merge case
  • The unselected cases will be marked as canceled and will be mapped under the selected case.

Merged Case

Why and When?

  • There are scenarios where a customer opens multiple cases about the same issue through different support channels…

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