Using RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryRequest to get Audit Detail in Dynamics 365 CE

Just sharing a sample code to retrieve the Audit Detail using RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryRequest.

RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryRequest changeRequest = new RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryRequest();
changeRequest.Target = new EntityReference("entitySchemaName", "entityId"));
RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryResponse changeResponse =

AuditDetailCollection auditDetailCollection = changeResponse.AuditDetailCollection;

foreach (AttributeAuditDetail attrAuditDetail in auditDetailCollection.AuditDetails)
var auditRecord = attrAuditDetail.AuditRecord;

Console.WriteLine("Entity: " + ((EntityReference)auditRecord.Attributes["objectid"]).LogicalName);
Console.WriteLine("Operation: " + auditRecord.FormattedValues["operation"]);
Console.WriteLine("Action: " + auditRecord.FormattedValues["action"]);

var newValueEntity = attrAuditDetail.NewValue;

foreach(var attrNewValue in newValueEntity.Attributes)
Console.WriteLine("New Key: " + attrNewValue.Key + "New Value: " + attrNewValue.Value);

var oldValueEntity = attrAuditDetail.OldValue;

foreach (var attrOldValue in oldValueEntity.Attributes)
Console.WriteLine("Old Key: " + attrOldValue.Key + "Old Value: " + attrOldValue.Value);

The record whose Audit History we are retrieving :

Output :

AuditDetail.AuditRecord :

AuditDetail.OldValue n NewValue:

Hope it helps..


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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