Showing a custom aspx deployed in ISV in IFrame of CRM form (CRM 2011)

We had one of our web application deployed inside ISV folder in CRM 2011. We were showing one of the aspx pages in it inside an IFrame of a form.

First we specified the relative url like this for URL field in CRM form


However on form we were getting page not found error.

Using developer tools, we found out that it was taking the url (src) for the iframe as


It was appending the organization name to it.

In CRM 4 this wasn’t the case.

Then we gave the absolute url for URL field in IFrame.


However this time also we got page not found error. The url that it was using was

http://servername/contoso/isv/myWebApplication/Default.aspx i.e. again appending orgname to it.

The way we got it working was to define the src of the Iframe dynamically in the form onload event’s JavaScript.

function IframeSrc(){

crmForm.all.IFRAME_Map.src=”/ISV/ myWebApplication / Default.aspx”;


Hope it helps !


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

14 thoughts on “Showing a custom aspx deployed in ISV in IFrame of CRM form (CRM 2011)”

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  2. Hello,

    I have a similar problem, we want to deploy an ASP.NET Page into CRM WebSite and call it from there, I found information about adding HttpModule into web.config of my application con CRM 4 to make it run, and I was wondering if working with CRM 2011 I have to change this as the same way as in CRM 4.

    In the other hand if I deploy the ASP.NET into CRM 2011 website I will only have to pass the URL as /ISV/etc etc, because I’m watching you’re implementing JScript function for CRM 4 not for CRM 2011.

    See you I hope I can get an answer.


  3. What about custom aspx pages that are invoke from the sitemap. I have the same problem:
    CRM 2011 add the organization name in the URL. What can we do?


  4. What. The. Hell.

    I’m trying to upgrade a 4.0 deployment to 2011 and I’m dealing with relatively big ISV app. Problems like this are making me really hate Microsoft. What a nightmare.

    Anyway thanks for the help.


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